The Turpins: Inside The Disgusting Home Where 13 Children Were Allegedly Chained And Showered Twice A Year

David and Louisa Turpin have been arrested and held on $12 million bail after the police discovered that 13 of their malnourished children were living in filth and chained to their beds.

NBC News recently released some of the shocking details of their crimes, which include the 13 siblings allegedly only being allowed to eat once a day and shower one or two times a year. According to law enforcement, the rooms the children stayed in were filled with urine and other items. All were chained to their beds or furniture.

As previously reported, it has been detailed that over half of the Turpin “children” were over the age of 18, but appeared to be no older than teens due to their malnourished state. The oldest Turpin child is reported to be 29-years-old.

Louise and David Turpin could not come up with a reason as to why their children were restrained.

The pair operated a “school” out of their home in which the only students were their children, but officers said they did not investigate sooner because Sandcastle Day School was not a licensed facility.

Radar Online has obtained photos of the family home in Riverside, California, which shows how disgusting the home actually was. Pictures can be found here.

The photos show bags and bags of garbage outside in the backyard, a huge pile of DVDs arranged alphabetically and an assortment of diapers and other items strewn around the house.

Teenage girl sitting on floor

The Turpins were reportedly part of the Pentecostal Church and had very deep religious convictions. Due to the amount of children they had, some suspect they are also a follower of the Quiverfull movement, which the Duggar family also follows. This means that families have as many children as they are able and abstain from birth control.

Neighbors of the Turpins say they rarely saw the children and that the family seemed like a “cult,” but they did not intervene. Other family members of the Turpins located in West Virginia said they seemed as though they had the perfect life and went to Disneyland and Las Vegas often.

The children have been released to a local hospital where they are receiving treatment for their malnutrition.