Kim Kardashian May Have Just Revealed Her Child’s Name

Fans have been waiting with bated breath since Kim Kardashian announced the delivery of her baby girl via a surrogate to have the child’s name revealed. Thus far, Kim and Kanye have kept silent about the name they have chosen for their child, and they may not have chosen a name at all yet.

However, some fans believe that Kim Kardashian has chosen a name for her daughter and is revealing it to her fans subliminally. Although this sounds completely far-fetched, those who follow the Kardashian family closely know that none of them do anything or post to social media without some hidden meaning behind it.

Over the past couple of weeks, pictures of various branded Louis Vuitton items have been popping up on Kim’s social media feeds. This includes a Louis Vuitton trash bag and now a Louis Vuitton canvas pattern of what appears to be one of her purses. Fans are speculating that this not random, but actually a clue as to what she and Kanye have decided to name their daughter.

Some are suggesting that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have chosen to name their child Louis Vuitton West. While some may think this is far out, fans have reminded one another that this is the same pair who named their child North West.

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Other guesses include naming her baby Liv, Elle, or Louise, all of which would be a little bit more “normal” than Louis Vuitton. However, Kim has not confirmed anything, so fans are still in the dark as to what name the reality TV star and makeup queen has chosen.

The mysterious photos of Louis Vuitton pieces could also be pictures hinting that she is going to collaborate with the world-famous brand on a project in the near future. This wouldn’t be too far out, as she and her famous sisters have a genuine love of fashion and have been working with famous brands for quite a long time.

It has been reported that the delivery of Kim Kardashian’s baby via her surrogate went incredibly smoothly, and the woman who delivered the baby is resting comfortably in San Diego, where she lives.