CES 2013: Nook Introduces World’s First Full HD Tablet

If you’re a big fan of electronic readers, Nook is debuting the world’s first HD lightweight tablet.

Debuted at Pepcom and CES 2013, the new Barnes and Noble Nook HD is a tablet readers that includes a crisp full HD display up to 1080p for movies, magazines, comic books, and more. Every book, movie, and app looks better than ever on Nook HD.

Barnes and Noble also boasts over three million books, magazines, and apps available at the Nook Store. Movies, TV, and catalogs are now available. We got a chance to play with a Nook HD, and we’ve got to say: We’re impressed.

The new Nook HD comes 9-and7-inch sizes, and both are the lightest tablets on the market. The 9-inch is just over 18 ounces, which is 20 percent lighter than other large-format tablets. The 7-inch is easily portable and offers the same impressive HD display.

The coolest thing about Nook HD (aside from clarity) is probably the price tag. The new model will range between $199 and $250, depending on the size, putting it at about half the price of its leading competitors, though with twice the picture and library to browse from.

Like a computer, the Nook HD allows you to create up to six separate profiles, so that multiple family members can use the same device. Personalization is key in this regard, but the multiple profiles also allows for unprecedented parental control on an electronic tablet reader.


Nook HD

A bit more about Nook HD: Magazines include a 3D page-turn display, which simulates reading a printed magazine. Comic books work in much the same way, with the added bonus of zooming in on each panel and following the story organically from panel to panel. You can also clip and save images to a scrapbook.

Since this last feature reminded me of Pinterest, I asked the spokesman who showed me the Nook HD if the device worked with social media. While limited at this time, he said that greater social integration was on its way.

As a tablet reader user myself, the Nook HD is, in many ways, the tablet I’ve been waiting on. I expect that the Nook HD will give its competition a huge run for its money with its simple, innovative touches.