Ted Cruz, Porn Star? Senator Invited To 'Fulfill His Dreams'

If the presidential race doesn't pan out for Ted Cruz, porn star could be an alternative option for him, it seems. An adult entertainment company has extended the offer, promising $1 million if Cruz will take the bait. There are a few catches, though.

TMZ released a copy of the letter from Vivid Entertainment to Texas Senator Ted Cruz. There are a few important details to note in it.

For one thing, it seems to be a safe bet Vivid's founder, Steve Hirsch, isn't a Cruz fan. He makes a reference to Canada as Cruz's "home country," a stark reminder of the allegations that Cruz isn't eligible as President of the United States because he was born in Canada. He also notes that his company seeks to make porn of celebrities -- and that Cruz is a celebrity "at least for now."

Ted Cruz porn star? THe Senator isn't saying
[Photo by Steve Pope/Getty Images]He also offers a suggestion for the title of the hypothetical porn flick that plays not only on Cruz's name and campaign slogans ("Cruzin"), but brings in the last name of another candidate, Jeb Bush.

Though Forbes has labeled Hirsch the porn king, and there's no doubt he's serious about his business, it's unlikely he has any real expectations of a response from Cruz in this case.

However, the offer isn't completely out of thin air, either. Politico reported last month that a video had surfaced, ostensibly taken of a teenaged Ted Cruz by a classmate, in which the young man who would later find a political career jokes, in a typical teenage manner, about his hopes and dreams -- including the notion of being a porn star. (Cruz also speaks of power, riches, and world domination, but those are probably less relevant to becoming a porn star than POTUS.)

Still, it's fair to recognize that the offer has little to do with Cruz's current life of politics. Vivid is known for popping up and making offers wherever there's controversy to be found. For instance, after the Reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was pulled over family matriarch June Shannon's alleged connections to a child molester, Vivid made a similar offer to her. Perez Hilton reports that she and her semi-estranged husband, known on the show as Sugar Bear, turned the offer down.

The New York Daily News also reported that after Miss Colombia was accidentally crowned, then quickly uncrowned, at last year's Miss Universe pageant, Vivid also offered to make her a star, with Hirsch reportedly declaring that the young woman could be expected to fade into anonymity, but that he could make her a porn star and allow her to "stay relevant."

Ted Cruz also wouldn't (if he accepted) be Vivid's first crossover between porn star and political candidate. The production company has also made movies with Mary Carey, who ran for California Lieutenant Governor in 2006. Her campaign site is still archived (possibly NSFW for bikini photos and strong language) and visible here.

That's a bit different, though, since in Carey's case, it was the political campaign that was a publicity stunt, openly and admittedly, whereas Ted Cruz is already in a political career, and it's the invitation to be a porn star that is a publicity stunt.

Ted Cruz porn star -- maybe he'll be asked at the debate.
[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]Ted Cruz has not responded publicly to the invitation, and his campaign team has not yet responded to email inquiries about the matter. Updates will follow if any response is received.

However, it would be far-fetched to assume this means he's considering the idea. Presumably Cruz is just too occupied with tonight's Republican debate and the upcoming New Hampshire primaries, as well as recent accusations of deliberate dirty politics toward fellow candidate Ben Carson (Cruz says that the misinformation from his campaign about Carson's was simple error) to focus on the possible future of Ted Cruz, porn star.

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