NBA Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers’ Julius Randle Aware Of Trade Chatter Involving The Dallas Mavericks

The possibility of the Los Angeles Lakers trading Julius Randle to the Dallas Mavericks has circulated in NBA trade rumors for the past couple of weeks. It is not the first time Julius Randle’s name has been mentioned leaving the Lakers in a possible NBA trade.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been rumored to be shopping Julius Randle for months. A recent report by the Los Angeles Times cited that the Lakers would love to trade Julius Randle in a deal with guard Jordan Clarkson. The Lakers will likely have trade discussions with interested teams regarding Randle, hoping to include Clarkson as well.

The writing appears to be on the wall for Julius Randle, who becomes a restricted free agent in the offseason. Randle may not have a future with the Los Angeles Lakers.

According to the recent NBA trade rumors, the Dallas Mavericks might become Julius Randle’s next team. If not the Mavericks, or a return to the Lakers, Randle will be playing somewhere in the NBA.

Julius Randle has a skill set as a versatile scorer that could help most NBA teams. Randle’s fit with the Los Angeles Lakers has been questionable.

With Luke Walton as the Lakers’ head coach, playing with pace is stressed constantly. Julius Randle is more of a grinder as a player, thus slowing things down for the Lakers. The Lakers will be targeting big names such as LeBron James and Paul George in the offseason. Julius Randle is not expected to return unless those big names turn the Lakers down.

With such uncertainty surrounding his NBA future, Julius Randle took the time to speak to the Dallas media (courtesy of Dallas Morning News) about the trade rumors he has been mentioned in. It is clear that Randle, a Dallas-native has contemplated playing for the Mavericks.

“Whatever happens, happens. At the end of the day, I can only control what the player can control — and that’s my energy and effort going out there, being a professional. Dallas is my hometown. Obviously, I love the city of Dallas. But right now I’m an L.A. Laker.”

The Dallas Mavericks will be seeking a player who can step into the shoes of the franchise cornerstone. Julius Randle has the ability to be a building block; it would depend on the team’s style of play, however.

Julius Randle is a fit for the Dallas Mavericks due to the fact that they run a motion offense, which requires set plays. The Los Angeles Lakers on the other hand want to move up and down the floor with spacing.

Julius Randle has a penchant for running isolation plays, which can slow down the pace of the Lakers’ offense.

There is a match for a trade if the Lakers and Mavericks were to embark on advanced discussions. The Lakers could offer Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson to the Mavericks for Nerlens Noel and Wesley Matthews.

The Dallas Mavericks would acquire Julius Randle and retain the ability to match any offer he receives in free agency. Randle would take over as one of the go-to players on the Mavericks, while starring for his hometown team. Adding Jordan Clarkson with Julius Randle gives the Mavericks a versatile guard.

By potentially receiving Nerlens Noel and Wesley Matthews, the Los Angeles Lakers get two defensive-minded players who can run the floor. Noel is a free agent in the summer. He could be showcasing himself for the rest of the NBA.