WWE News: Here Are The Top 25 'Raw' Moments Ranked On The WWE Network, As Voted By Fans

In WWE news, the rankings of the Top 25 Moments of Raw have been released on the WWE Network. We are just days away of Raw celebrating their 25th anniversary on Monday, January 22, 2018, and the WWE Network has released Raw's Top 25 Moments to celebrate the landmark event. Most of the moments listed below won't be a surprise to the WWE universe, but the rankings of them might be.

This WWE Network special is hosted by Corey Graves and Peter Rosenberg. In between the rankings, Peter could be found in WWE's massive warehouse where he found many surprises, including The Conquistadors, The Undertaker's casket, and he even ran into former WWE announcer Sean Mooney (who claims to be living in the warehouse).

Many WWE superstars also recorded their thoughts for fans, including Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, and Eric Bischoff. It's well worth the watch for fans, but for those too busy, below are the rankings of the Top 25 Moments of Raw, as voted by the WWE universe.

  1. Mae Young's Great Ride (March 13, 2000)
It's hard to believe that it was 18 years ago, on Raw, when WWE Hall of Famer Bubba Ray Dudley powerbombed Mae Young through a platform. Considering the iconic wrestler was in her late 70s at the time, and the fact she took a legitimate bump, this is considered one of the most controversial moments of Raw. And considering Raw once had a segment where Mae Young gave birth to a hand, that's saying a lot.
  1. The Greatest Upset Ever (May 17, 1993)
Before he was known as X-Pac, Syxx, or by his actual name, Sean Waltman, he was known in the WWE as The Kamikaze Kid, then The Cannonball Kid, and then just The Kid. But after he scored an upset victory over Razor Ramon on Raw, the WWE legend became The 1-2-3 Kid.
  1. Hell Freezes Over (July 15, 2002)
It had been roughly 16 months since McMahon had purchased WCW when Vince announced that the new Raw General Manager was Eric Bischoff. This was major news for the WWE, and following the announcement, fans went nuts. No one thought that McMahon's former rival would ever step into a WWE ring. But anything can happen on Raw, like Mae Young giving birth to a hand, or a former enemy becoming an executive on the show.

WWE Network counts down the Top 25 Moments of 'Raw'
  1. Here Comes the Money (March 26, 2001)
Speaking of Vince McMahon purchasing his competition, it was 17 years ago when Raw took control of WCW live on television during Nitro's final episode. At the end of Raw, Shane McMahon showed up on Nitro to announce that he was taking over WCW. Unfortunately, this never really came to pass. Nitro never aired again, but it was still a historical happening.
  1. Baddest Men on the Planet (January 19, 1998)
For weeks leading up to this Raw, the WWE announced that Mike Tyson was going to be a guest on the show. What the fans didn't expect was "Stone Cold" Steve Austin having a spot with the former boxing champion. The two had a pull-apart melee in the ring, and the WWE was featured in news headlines everywhere.
  1. This is Your Life, Rock! (September 27, 1999)
The Rock 'n' Sock connection was a very popular tag team in the WWE. Mankind trying to impress his partner, The Rock, led to many comical moments on Raw. But perhaps most comical and entertaining of all is when Mankind presented The Rock with his version of This is Your Life. This segment on Raw gave the show a spike in the ratings, and it was much needed at the time since they were head-to-head with WCW in the Monday Night War.
  1. Wedding Crasher (November 29, 1999)
Before Triple H and Stephanie McMahon got married in real life, they were married on-screen on Raw. But this was WWE during the Attitude Era, so, obviously, it wasn't traditional. Stephanie was in the ring with her groom-to-be, Test, when Triple H showed up. Triple H showed footage of a seemingly unconscious Stephanie getting married to Triple H without her consent. Good times. But remember, this was the show where Mae Young gave birth to a hand.
  1. Festival of Friendship (February 13, 2017)
The first entry to the Top 25 Raw Moments from the current era of the WWE needs little introduction. One of the greatest pairings and feuds of 2016 and 2017, this segment was both entertaining and emotional. When Kevin Owens turned on his partner, Chris Jericho, the WWE universe exploded.
  1. Goodbye Edge (April 11, 2011)
This is one of the most emotional nights in Raw history, and it occurred just days after Edge retained the WWE World Championship at WrestleMania. Because of a slew of injuries, including a broken neck, Edge unexpectedly announced his retirement on the show. He gave a heartfelt speech that night, and fans were moved to tears.

WWE Network counts down the Top 25 Moments of 'Raw'
  1. Silence is Deafening (February 21, 2011)
At this time in the Undertaker's career, he was undefeated at WrestleMania. The Undertaker made his return to Raw to be challenged by Triple H for a match at WrestleMania 27. The two didn't talk smack on the mic to announce the match, but instead, the powerful duo just made eye contact with one another before looking at the WrestleMania banner.
  1. Bedpan McMahon (October 5, 1998)
The Steve Austin and Mr. McMahon feud is one of the greatest rivalries in WWE history. "The Texas Rattlesnake" was always looking for a way to get even with McMahon. On this iconic episode of Raw, Austin dressed as a doctor to sneak into McMahon's hospital room, and he proceeded to hit Vince over the head with a bedpan. He also did some unpleasant things to McMahon with an IV line, but remember, this was the show where Mae Young gave birth to a hand.
  1. The Prodigal Son Returns (February 25, 2016)
It was nearly two years ago when Shane McMahon returned to Raw, to feud with his sister and father, and the WWE news made headlines everywhere. Since then, Shane has been an executive on WWE SmackDown and runs the show as a competitor to Raw.
  1. Swan Tron (January 14, 2008)
Jeff Hardy is known as a daredevil in the WWE, and on this edition of Raw, he performed a very daring stunt indeed. As Randy Orton laid on a platform below WWE's Titantron, Jeff Hardy climbed to the top and performed an infamous swanton bomb on Orton. During this special on the WWE Network, Jeff Hardy said that it was the biggest swanton that he's ever done.
  1. DX Invasion (April 27, 1998)
Some say this was officially the first day Raw went to war with Nitro. Dressed in military fatigues, DX showed up outside of an arena where Nitro was being held. WCW shut the doors on Triple H and his fellow soldiers, but the incident is considered one of the most iconic moments in WWE history.
  1. The Beast is Back (April 2, 2012)
The WWE universe went crazy when Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE after a successful run in the UFC. Lesnar made an unannounced appearance on Raw when he attacked John Cena at the end of the show.
  1. #1 Draft Pick (June 6, 2005)
Every few years or so, except for the years where they combine the rosters, the WWE holds a draft lottery to see which superstars wrestle on Raw, and which superstars go to SmackDown. Chris Jericho announced the first pick of the Raw lottery, and it was John Cena. Up until this time, Cena was wrestling exclusively on SmackDown.
  1. Mankind Did It! (January 4, 1999)
When Mankind beat The Rock on Raw for the WWE title, with some assistance from Steve Austin, the wrestling world exploded. This also marked the moment where WWE toppled WCW in the ratings war, and WWE never lost another ratings battle during the companies' feud.
  1. Women's Evolution Begins (December 6, 2004)
Before there was Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair, there was Lita and Trish Stratus. The legendary pair were the first women to ever main event Raw, and the match is still considered one of the best from WWE.

WWE Network counts down the Top 25 Moments of 'Raw'
  1. Betrayal of Brotherhood (June 2, 2014)
As the WWE universe enjoys The Shield reuniting, they can enjoy watching what tore them apart. After The Shield beat Evolution at WrestleMania, Triple H stated that he had a Plan B. That plan was Seth Rollins turning on his team to join The Authority.
  1. Big Dog's Yard (April 3, 2017)
It was less than a year ago when Roman Reigns beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania. The next night on Raw, with a chorus of boos from the audience, Reigns announced to the WWE universe that this was his yard now.
  1. Austin Stuns McMahon (September 22, 1997)
Before they feuded with one another, Mr. McMahon tried to get Austin to become more corporate, and he wanted Steve to work within the system. "Stone Cold" replied by stunning McMahon, marking the first time Vince was physically attacked in the ring (but certainly not the last).
  1. Break the Walls Down (August 9, 1999)
For weeks leading up to this moment, a countdown clock was shown across WWE shows. Interrupting The Rock's promo, the clock finished counting down on Raw, and it marked the debut of Chris Jericho in the WWE.
  1. Occupy Raw(March 10, 2014)
Daniel Bryan and his Yes Movement was stronger than ever at this point in the WWE. The Authority wanted nothing to do with Bryan being part of the main event at WrestleMania, but after hundreds of fans stormed the ring chanting "yes," Triple H begrudgingly changed his mind.
  1. Punk Bomb (June 27, 2011)
Many pundits and fans consider this one of the greatest moments in recent WWE history. CM Punk rocketed to superstardom after he cut this controversial promo. CM Punk didn't know he was going to be given the mic on this evening, and he was told he could rant about anything he wanted to—and rant he did. Punk cut a promo on John Cena, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and several WWE executives, including Vince McMahon.
  1. Stone Cold Beer Truck (March 22, 1999)
No, the top WWE moment in Raw history isn't a Five Star match, or Mae Young giving birth to a hand, but it is considered one of the most exciting and unique moments in the company's history. While The Rock cut a promo in the ring with Vince McMahon and his stooges, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin drove a Coors Light truck down to the ring, and hosed everyone with real beer. As McMahon paddled in the soaked ring, per his usual, Austin chugged a few beers and celebrated his moment with the WWE universe.
From Bubba Ray Dudley powerbombing Mae Young to Steve Austin spraying his competition with beer, you can relive the Top 25 Raw Moments on the WWE Network.