Angelina Jolie Reveals Her Cute Side

Angelina Jolie wants us all to believe that she is perfect, and I can: if I totally forget about her "pre Brad" life and just concentrate on her child-rearing days! Angelina loves her fam so much that she's willing to tell stories that could send a diabetic into shock with their saccharin sweetness. Speaking with OK! mag, Angelina spilled all the cuteness that's going on at her house:

Our three-year-old and four-year-old keep saying they have animals in their bellies. Our daughter keeps saying that she’s got little piggies and she has to eat brownies because the piggies need to eat brownies. And our four-year-old says he’s got monkeys. So [being pregnant has] become fun in the house.

The celebrity baby blogs are going to go wild with this one. Now if only I can erase these pictures from my mind, I could enjoy this whole thing a little bit more.