Brittany Cartwright Says Faith Stowers Ignored Her After Having Sex With Jax Taylor, Faith Responds

Has Brittany Cartwright spoken to Faith Stowers since she found out that Faith had sex with Jax Taylor? During her appearance on Andy Cohen's talk show Watch What Happens Live on Monday night, Brittany answered just that question. According to Brittany, she actually tried contacting Faith after learning that her boyfriend, Jax, cheated on her with Faith, but Faith didn't respond.

During the talk show, Andy told Brittany that he has received a lot of questions from viewers wondering if she has talked to Faith since everything came out. Brittany admitted that she sent Faith several texts seeking answers. Yet, at least according to Brittany, Faith just ignored the texts. Brittany also reiterated that Faith betrayed their friendship.

"I sent her a couple of texts just trying to get her to admit things to me because I thought that she was my friend, and obviously she wasn't, and she just wouldn't ever say anything to me."
On Twitter, Faith responded to Brittany's accusation by stating that just tried calling the talk show in order to apologize to her but couldn't get through. Faith also wished Brittany the best.
Faith also indicated that she, if she doesn't get an invite to appear on Watch What Happens Live, is open to going on another talk show to get her side of the story out.
On Instagram, Faith Stowers responded to a viewer's comment that she should sit down with Brittany Cartwright regarding what happened with Jax Taylor by saying that she tried.
"sassychic710: Sorry, I know it takes 2 to tango but you should sit down with Brittney at some point and talk to her, in private that is. She deserved to hear your side and not through a magazine interview. Beautiful picture. I mean no hate."

"kingfaithhope: @sassychic710 I tried. Thanks"

On the latest Vanderpump Rules episode, Brittany let everyone hear the recording of Jax talking about her and their relationship while in bed with Faith. While the recording wasn't played, some of the cast members, in their confessional interviews, summarized what was said. According to them, Jax said that he wasn't going to marry and have children with Brittany. Jax also supposedly said that he wasn't sexually attracted to Brittany but had the best sex with Faith.As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Faith said in another Instagram comment that if viewers actually got to hear the recording for themselves, she would be vindicated. Ariana Madix has also explained that the recording can't be aired because of legal reasons.

Just how did Brittany Cartwright get a hold of the recording? Faith Stowers' friend, James Kennedy, admitted on Vanderpump Rules that after Faith showed him the recording that she made of Jax Taylor while they were in bed together after having sex, he secretly took her phone in the bathroom and sent it to himself. He then showed it to Lala Kent, which led to Ariana playing it for Brittany. On Twitter on Monday night, Faith thanked James for at least being honest about how he acquired the recording.