HQ Trivia Game Free App Hacks, Tips, Cheats, Bots, $0.99 Scripts: How People Win Money, Get 12 Questions Right

HQ Trivia has grown so popular that recent games have attracted more than one million players, as reported by Pocket Gamer Biz. As such, HQ Trivia players are searching for ways to win the game and turning to all sorts of automated ways or Google trickery to get a leg up on the competition. According to Google Trends, more than 160 percent than normal, people are asking the search engine for tips about "How to win HQ Trivia." They are also seeking HQ Trivia hacks, cheats, scripts and tricks to try and gain a perfect 12-question score that leads them to getting varying amounts of monies into their PayPal accounts in the end.

With the jackpot on Sundays (and special days) swelling to $10,000 and a small amount of folks winning HQ Trivia and splitting the high kitty at times, the winnings are nothing to sneeze at. However, folks looking for extra HQ Trivia help might discover that it's not so easy to use conventional means of thought to try and win. Manually Googling for the answers within only 10 seconds during an oftentimes spotty and lagging game isn't necessarily easy. Nor is running the game on multiple devices per person using more than one PayPal account, because HQ Trivia requires that the game players login with their phone numbers -- and unless a person is walking around with multiple phone numbers, that's not a practical solution.

HQ Trivia Scripts and Hacks

Beyond the extra life hack, as reported by Game Rant, folks are seeking additional ways to win HQ Trivia. As a result, people have turned to using scripts, although that's against the HQ Trivia terms of service, according to New York Magazine.

But that hasn't stopped enterprising people from creating scripts and apps that listen to the questions or takes a photo of the questions and Googles the answers faster than fingers. There's the HQ Helper on the iTunes Apple App Store, which is currently free and allows HQ Trivia players to put the app near the microphone or speaker of the mobile device that is playing the HQ Trivia game. When the question-asking begins, users can click the "start" button and "stop" when the question or three possible answers end, hoping that the app automatically Googles the words the app has heard in time enough to get a correct answer.

There's also the $0.99 Quiz Search in the iTunes App Store for iOS devices, which purports to allow users to run the app whilst the HQ Trivia game is running, letting the gamer snap a screenshot of the HQ Trivia questions, which allows the OCR script of the app to do the rest and search via allegedly Google faster than fingers could. However, the developer admits that using the app on a device with a larger screen, like an iPad, works better than using it on the smaller screen of a phone.

A similar app named Quiz Buzz, which is currently free in the iTunes App Store for iOS devices, claims to use the same sort of OCR (optical character recognition) script to turn to Google or even Wikipedia to find answers, all within 10 seconds. Some of the app hacks claim to work well from within the HQ Trivia app. Whether or not these apps work as accurately as promised remains to be seen, as their review-count grows.

Running HQ Trivia on PC (Windows / MAC)

Running HQ Trivia on a PC or MacBook could help give some folks an advantage by allowing the larger screens to run scripts more accurately and help the gamers see the potential search results more clearly, although the process usually involves downloading players, according Tech Wikies, which contain unknown content.

Even running HQ Trivia on an iPad requires the iPad be up-to-date on the latest version of iOS and even then, HQ Trivia might not run on the particular iPad, based on how old the iPad might be.

In the end, winning HQ Trivia might ultimately involve playing often and employing a variety of tips and tricks.