Amy Winehouse’s Second Examination: ‘Singer’s Death Was Caused By Alcohol Poisoning’

Amidst the conflicting information surrounding the death of troubled singer Amy Winehouse, a second examination has confirmed that the singer died of alcohol poisoning, and not withdrawal as previously believed by many outlets.

Following discrepancies over the original coroner’s credentials, a second examination took place by coroner Shirley Radcliffe. The verdict is now confirmed that Winehouse has died of accidental alcohol poisoning. According to Sky News, the original pathologist reported that her blood alcohol level was five times the legal driving limit, and no drugs were found in the singer’s system at the time of her death. She was also described at the time to be “her usual bubbly self” and no signs of suicide had been apparent.

Credentials of coroner Suzanne Greenway were put into question in 2011 when she was said to not have the credentials to complete the procedure, as she was put into that position by her superior, who was also her husband. After the investigation was questioned, Greenway resigned and the case was reopened nearly a year later which brings us to this final verdict in the sad case of Amy Winehouse.

If anything, the second probe into Winehouse’s death has only caused more grief for the family, as Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse told the Mirror UK about his outrage, “I will not allow my family to go through that again.”

Winehouse made a huge splash in 2007 when she broke into the United States with her chart topping album Back to Black. In the years prior to her death Amy Winehouse battled substance and alcohol abuse, which was widely reported by the media. At the time it was said that Winehouse was working on her sobriety.