Writer Will Pay Reporters $300 For Video Of President Trump Speaking Of Fake ‘Black Panther’ Wakanda Country

Andrew HarnikAP Images

Reporters have been offered a new job that is going viral. As seen in the below Twitter Moment, writer is offering journalists $300 for getting a video of a question-and-answer session that features President Donald Trump speaking about relations between the U.S. and Wakanda, the fake African nation where the superhero Black Panther hails from, as inspired by Marvel Comics.

Sara’s offer of $300 goes out to any reporter who can keep a straight face and not laugh whilst asking President Trump about how the U.S. is getting along with Wakanda, with the journalist securing the video footage of both the question and Trump’s answer. With no expiration date, the offer is getting lots of buzz online.

The upcoming Black Panther movie has been eagerly awaited — and as reported by the Hollywood Reporter, the magical country that is Wakanda has necessitated plenty of fanciful costume designs to replicate the rich imagery of such a fictional land. Sara is guaranteeing $300 to any citizen journalist who is able to complete her feat, with the writer inviting anyone else who wants to chip in over and above the $300 payday to do so. A crowdfunding “tip” feature via Venmo has also been discussed by the writer.

Sara writes that folks are already offering money above and beyond the $300 to the reporter able to snag Trump on tape speaking seriously about Wakanda, but she cautions folks not to offer monies they can’t ultimately pay.

Writer’s offer of $300 to reporters who ask Trump about Wakanda goes viral

Sara has urged those who attempt the feat of asking Trump about Wakanda to practice their poker faces beforehand, so as not to laugh when asking the president the question about the fake African nation.

Whether or not any journalist in the White House’s daily briefing pressroom would actually attempt such a challenge remains to be seen. Such a move could construe a “gotcha” moment that could be criticized. However, Trump has already faced criticism in the past for speaking about the African nation of Nambia. The actual nation of Namibia blasted Trump for calling them “Nambia,” as reported by the Washington Post.

Trump was speaking in front of African leaders at the United Nations when he mentioned the fake country of “Nambia” twice during his speech.