Tequila-Toting Tree Trimmer Rescued From Los Angeles Eucalyptus Tree

A tequila-toting tree trimmer was rescued in Los Angeles on Monday evening after he was discovered high above the ground in a Eucalyptus tree.

The trimmer was stuck dangling from the tree at approximately 40 feet in the air for close to two hours before rescuers were able to remove him. The eucalyptus was located in a heavily wooded, residential area of a Brentwood neighborhood.

An article by NBC News reports that the man was found to be carrying a bottle of tequila at the time of the incident. Battalion Chief Brian Schultz of the City of Los Angeles Fire Department said the following:

“We were concerned about his condition because he seemed lethargic and once we got him down, we found that he had consumed a significant amount of alcohol from a bottle of tequila that he had in his work belt with him.”

The tree trimmer, who has not been publicly identified, was transported to a local hospital to receive evaluation for possible trauma, say police.

The man was employed as part of a trimming crew who were working with trees on the property. It is unclear why the worker was still present after his colleagues had departed the area. Approximately an hour after the crew left, a gardener noticed the man hanging in the eucalyptus tree.

Battalion Chief Brian Schultz speculated on the cause of the incident by saying:

“We surmised that the rest of the crew left and he either was on the ground and decided to ascend back up into the tree by himself – given his state, that’s a possibility – or it’s possible that he was up in the tree and he wouldn’t come down and the rest of the crew left. We really don’t know at this point.”

The City News Service reports that 27 firefighters used a system of ropes, ladders, and harnesses to free the man. He was safely returned to the ground despite difficulties that arose from securing ladders to a hillside in order to reach the stranded worker. As of late Monday there had been no reports of the man’s condition.

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