January 13, 2018
Trump Tweets About 'Fake News' Instead Of Hawaii Missile False Alarm, Gets Major Twitter Backlash

President Donald Trump was reportedly briefed on a false alarm about an "incoming missile" set to hit Hawaii while he was on the golf course. As reported by the Inquisitr, the fact that Trump was golfing during a would-be crisis angered some folks, while causing others to feel a sense of relief, because they wanted Trump far away from any nuclear codes, fearing Trump might accidentally send a missile into the atmosphere based on a knee-jerk reaction over a false alarm. However, Trump's first tweet in the wake of the Hawaii missile false alert has caused some folks to shake their heads in wonder and write scathing comments about Trump's latest tweet.

As seen in the tweet below from Trump's official Twitter account, Trump published a tweet that decried "Fake News" on Saturday, January 13. Instead of writing about Hawaii and comforting residents of the state, Trump wrote about so much "Fake News" that he claims is being reported. Trump also accused "Fake News" folks of not trying to get their reports correct and of not issuing corrections when wrong.

Trump once again hit back against author Michael Wolff and his best-selling book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. As reported by the Inquisitr, Wolff listed a plethora of controversial charges about the Trump White House, including claims that First Lady Melania Trump wasn't excited to take on her role. Trump wrote that the "Fake News" promotes the "Fake Book of a mentally deranged author, who knowingly writes false information." With Trump railing about the "crazed Mainstream Media" instead of Hawaii, Trump is getting a boatload of negative reactions on Twitter.

As seen in the comments section of Trump's Twitter account, the president is getting comments that accuse him of being mentally deranged, instead of author Wolff's mental health being the topic of the day.

On Twitter, the term "FALSE ALARM" is a rising and trending term, with more than 134,000 tweets about the phrase appearing in tweets on Twitter.

Sample comments from Trump's latest tweet can be read below. Some folks are joking that Trump will give the "president" of Hawaii a call while others are angered that Trump's most recent tweet didn't address Hawaii.
"The mentally deranged President...."

"Stop attacking the free press!"

"He'll be calling the President of Hawaii shortly."