'General Hospital' Spoilers: Creepy Jim Harvey Attacked Drew And Blamed Franco

General Hospital spoilers reveal that shady land developer Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan) is in Port Charles to shake up the local economy. But he might be shaking the wrong tree when he came to see Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) and reminded the reformed serial killer about their shared past. Jim revealed that he used to date Franco's mom, Betsy Frank (Deborah Strang). Franco doesn't recall the man but digging into his past will uncover some stunning truths about this mystery man.

Jim Is The Key To Franco's Troubled Past

Although a tabloid site alleged that Jim would blackmail Franco, that seems far-fetched. Instead, Jim has information about Franco and Drew Cain's (Billy Miller) childhood that could put some fears to rest but raise other concerns. General Hospital spoilers from a She Knows Soaps recap reveal that Jim told Franco that he stays in touch with Betsy, and he quipped that Franco was always a "tough nut to crack." That strange comment hints at trouble in the past tied to creepy Jim.

GH spoilers indicate that Franco is trying to reconcile his past, but he needs answers. It's too bad that his mom Betsy is lying to him. Remember that Franco got a Christmas card from his mom that said she was sorry, asked forgiveness, and wished him peace. Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) wondered what was up, but Franco is keeping the secret his mom told him about him pushing Drew down the stairs when they were kids. Franco is worried what Liz will think.

How Did Betsy Know Franco Pushed Drew?

That question is central to the mystery of Franco and Drew's past and why Drew was sent to an orphanage. But how could Betsy have known that it was Franco that pushed Drew? The answer is that she couldn't have. She admitted she wasn't in the room, but new General Hospital spoilers hint that someone else was in the room with the young boys – Betsy's sketchy boyfriend, Jim Harvey. GH rumors hint the guy might have been abusing the boys and hurt Drew.

With Jim's character now tied to Franco, it's obvious that he's got information about Franco's past, but he might not spill the beans. If Franco discovers that Jim was abusing him, Drew, or both of them, Jim might not live to see Charles Street gentrified. This could also tie to the offhand remark Jim made about Franco being a "tough nut" to crack. That could mean that Jim was disciplining the boys and found Franco particularly stubborn.

Drew Protected Franco From Jim

Although Jim didn't mention Drew, once Franco realizes the man has answers he needs, General Hospital spoilers promise the reformed serial killer goes to ask questions. Jim wouldn't admit outright to abusing either Franco or Drew, but when the information begins to flow, Franco will be able to draw conclusions about the role Jim played in their past. GH spoilers from Soap Central predict that Franco wants to make peace with the past, but that's easier said than done.

Given what GH fans know about Drew, who was a soldier and is someone who, by nature, protects others, he could have been Franco's protector when they were kids. If Jim was abusing Franco, Drew could have stepped in to shield his brother and wound up knocked around and even shoved down the stairs for fighting back against their abuser. Rather than Drew or Franco harming one another, as some GH rumors suggest, it could be that the two were victims of child abuse trying to keep each other safe.

GH spoilers suggest Drew was seriously injured, so Jim blamed Franco for the incident. This got him off the hook, and Betsy sent Drew away. The revelation could heal Franco and let him know at last that he wasn't a monster as a child, and the tumor really was to blame. Catch up on GH scoop on Lulu putting a target on Nathan's back, the reveal of Faison's other baby mama, and Drew decides to get his memories back. Watch GH every day on ABC and check back often for the latest General Hospital spoilers and news.