‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Furious About ‘JaSam’ Kiss, Drew Gets Memory Wipe To Start New Life

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Drew Cain (Billy Miller) suspects something is up between Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) after he found them together on The Haunted Star on New Year’s Eve. Sam lied and didn’t tell Drew about the midnight kiss she shared with her ex (to whom she’s still legally married). A series of events will soon unravel that leaves Drew desperately wanting to recover his lost memories so that he can scrub away more recent unpleasant ones.

Sam Wants A Divorce

This week’s Soap Opera Digest offers General Hospital spoilers that Sam and Drew are ready to tie the knot again since their last wedding wasn’t valid, but then they realize they can’t get hitched. When they try to get their marriage license, SOD says Sam and Drew are told she’s still legally married to Jason. Sam doesn’t hesitate, for even a moment. She goes to Jason and says they need to get a divorce so she can marry the man she loves – and it’s Drew. Jason won’t stand in the way of Sam’s happiness and agrees even though he’s hurt.

But at the same time, the soap magazine reports that her kiss with Jason haunts her, and she feels extremely guilty about not coming clean to Drew about what happened on New Year’s Eve. Drew is still on the fence about everything because, as much as he loves Sam, he’s not sure that he has much to offer her since he’s a man without a past and every memory he has before 2014 is false and belongs to his twin brother. But for now, the wedding plans are full steam ahead.

Drew Discovers The Kiss And Rages

General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps promise that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) doesn’t agree with Sam’s decision to divorce Jason and marry Drew. Carly won’t stop meddling and has an opportunity to make trouble when Jason tells her about the kiss. Convinced that she’s doing the right thing, Carly takes the information to Drew and says she thinks he needs to know. Drew won’t believe Carly since he knows she’s scheming against him, so GH spoilers hint that he asks Sam for the truth.

The latest ABC soap spoilers and rumors indicate that when asked directly about the kiss, his fiance won’t lie and Sam spills confirmation to Drew, who is wrecked. Drew isn’t sure where to target his anger. He’s mad that Jason kissed Sam knowing they’re engaged. Drew is furious that Carly set up the scenario that left the opportunity for the kiss. And finally, Drew is upset that Sam betrayed him by kissing her ex since she’s the one that proposed to him and insisted that he’s the one she really wants.

Tampering With Drew’s Brain

General Hospital spoilers hint that once Drew finds out about the kiss, he makes a risky decision. He decides that he wants the memory recovery procedure. Drew wants to erase the “JaSam” memories from his brain. After the revelation, he can’t stand the fact that most of his memories of Sam aren’t even his own. Sam doesn’t want him to take the risk, but Drew refuses to listen. The problem is that a possible complication would be that Drew would lose the new memories he’s made since 2014 with Sam.

GH spoilers from ABC tell us that the flash drive with Drew’s memories was lost, but either Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) or his traitorous son, Peter August (Wes Ramsey), has it. Jason helps Drew chase down the drive because he understands the pain his brother is feeling and has been through an amnesia ordeal himself. Once Drew undergoes the procedure, spoilers from Soap Central promise that he will discover that he’s married – and it’s not to Kim Nero (Tamara Braun), which further complicates his life.

Drew And Sam’s Lives Will Never Be The Same

It will be a few weeks before the flash drive is found, Drew discovers the kiss, moves out of the penthouse and in with the Qs, and then decides to have the tricky procedure performed. The looming question is whether Drew will lose just Jason’s fake implanted memories, or if he’ll lose all his memories of his new life in Port Charles, including his love with Sam and baby Scout. This risky decision could blow up Drew’s life and impact everyone around him.

Catch up on the latest GH scoop on the war between Faison’s son that may take Nathan’s life, the stunning revelation about Franco and Drew’s shared childhood, and Nelle scheming with Ava against Carly. Be sure to watch ABC every day to see all this play out and check back often for the latest General Hospital spoilers and news.

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