‘Project Runway All Stars’ 2018 Recap: Episode 2 — Damsels In Distress

Barbara NitkeLifetime

The designers on Project Runway All Stars Season 6 had to created distressed looks tonight, as they were burning up their designs. Things got heated, but which designer was eliminated tonight on Project Runway All Stars 2018? Find out the Episode 2 results below in our Project Runway All Stars spoilers.

Last week on Project Runway All Stars Season 6, the designers returned to the workroom, as host Alyssa Milano informed them it would be rookies versus vets this season. Eight of the designers have been on PRAS before and eight of them were new. For the first challenge, it was a team challenge having the rookies take on the veterans. Both teams had to create a cohesive collection for either fall or spring. The rookies won the challenge, as it was Ken, Casanova, and Helen in the bottom three. In the end, Casanova was sent home.

The Challenge

The designers arrived in the workroom and saw Alyssa Milano. The workroom was in chaos, as mannequins were knocked over and caution tape was everywhere. For this challenge, the designers had to create a post-apocalyptic runway, as they had to make a distressed look using two different techniques to make their look. They also had to come up with a scenario that their models survived on their way to the runway.


The Workroom

The designers had some time to sketch their looks and then headed off to Mood to get their fabrics. Back in the workroom, the designers were ripping up fabric and burning it up. During Stanley’s original season, they worked in teams, so this is his first individual challenge on the show ever.

Anne’s Critiques

Mentor Anne Fulenwider arrived in the workroom, as it was time for her to look over their designs. For Merline, she thought she had a lot of potential here. Anne wanted Melissa to make sure the judges noticed the distressed parts. She saw no distressing on Amanda’s look. Anne wanted Stanley to make sure it does not look like a prom dress. She said it was great to see their inspiration today and she may even put the winning look in Marie Claire.


Fittings and Fire

After the critiques, the designers started working on distressing their looks more. Anthony had to set his look on fire, which had him praying it went well. The models came in for their fittings, which had the designers excited for their looks on PR All Stars. The night came to an end, as viewers saw some stressed designers.

Runway Day

The designers headed into the workroom, as they had to finish their looks. There was a lot of fire, as they were distressing their looks and burning that fabric up, including while it was on the models. Everyone was dressed and ready, as they headed to the runway show.

Judges’ Critiques

After the runway show on Project Runway All Stars 2018, it was time for the judges to give their feedback. The judges tonight were Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi, and guest judge Danielle Brooks. The top and bottom looks tonight came from Char, Anthony, Kelly, Ari, Merline, and Stanley.

  • Anthony – Georgina said she loved it, as she said it was elegant. Danielle loved the split and bit of sexiness. Isaac said it was distressed and fresh as a daisy.
  • Stanley – Georgina said the top was becoming cheap. Danielle said she fell into the fire too perfectly. Isaac said the color was the big problem.
  • Merline – Isaac said it was fabulous. Georgina said she sharpened up her lines. Danielle said the structure was sick. Alyssa said she loved how she added the 3D pieces.
  • Char – Isaac said he loved the pants with a train. Alyssa liked the jacket, but the bottom looked like it got caught in a lawnmower. Georgina did not see a design in this one.
  • Kelly – Isaac said the textile was a good part of this. Danielle said she was more drawn to the accessories than the actual outfit. Georgina said the headphones were not necessary.
  • Ari – Georgina said she liked the dress underneath. Isaac thought she went too far with the blow torch. Alyssa said she created her own lace with a blow torch.


The judges discussed the top and bottom looks from tonight. The designers returned to the runway and the winning designer tonight was Anthony. The bottom two designers tonight were Stanley and Kelly. The losing look came from Kelly, who was eliminated.


Project Runway All Stars Season 6 airs on Thursday nights at 9/8c on Lifetime.