‘Project Runway All Stars’ 2018 Recap: Premiere — Rookies Vs. Vets

The new season of Project Runway All Stars 2018 kicked off with a team challenge tonight on Lifetime. It was rookies versus veterans tonight, as they had to create a spring or fall collection. The designers were butting heads early on, but which designer was eliminated on Project Runway All Stars Season 6 tonight? Find out the premiere results below in our Project Runway All Stars spoilers.

For this sixth season, viewers will get a chance to see 16 designers return to the workroom. The designers include eight veterans, as they have competed on PRAS before, and eight rookies, as they are new to Project Runway All Stars. They will face group challenges and a new mentor, as Marie Claire editor-in-chief Anne Fulenwider will serve as the Project Runway All Stars Season 6 mentor.

The Challenge

The designers arrived in front of host Alyssa Milano, as they found out it will be a team challenge. It is rookies versus veterans, as they had to create a fierce collection for either spring or fall. They had a $1,000 budget and one day for this challenge. There was an extra $500 and choice of spring or fall up for grabs, as the designers participated in a “quick stitch relay race.” The veterans won, so they got the extra $500 and picked the spring collection.

The Workroom

The teams sketched their looks and then headed out to Mood to buy their fabrics. They arrived in the workroom, as the drama was already starting. The veterans determined there were too many divas on their team, as they were butting heads already.

Anne’s Critiques

New mentor Anne Fulenwider had her critiques of the designers work. For Ken, she told him to put less fabric on top. She told Casanova she was concerned on what he had so far. She saw no cohesion with Ari’s look. Most of the veterans got some harsh critiques from Anne. Those harsh critiques continued for the rookies, as she called Merline’s look frumpy and they weren’t being fashion forward. When she left, she told them all to step it up on Project Runway All Stars 2018.

Cohesion and Editing

The designers had to get some cohesion going with their collections. There was lots of editing being done and some very stressed designers, as they only had one day to finish their looks. The day came to an end and there was a lot of work to be done.

Runway Day

The teams arrived in the workroom and they all had thousands of things to do. The models arrived, and the designers got them into their garments. After hair and makeup was done for the models, everyone was done and headed off to the runway.

Judges’ Critiques

The runway show ended and it was time for the judges to give their feedback. The judges tonight were Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi, and guest judge Michael Costello. The teams returned to the runway for their critiques and it was the rookies winning this challenge, as the top looks came from Edmond, Merline, and Char. The veterans had the losing collection and it was Ken, Casanova, and Helen with the lowest scores.

  • Edmond – Isaac said there is a fresh glamour to the dress. Georgina loved the easy glamour of it. Michael said the fit was a little off. Alyssa said she loved it and everything about it is unexpected.
  • Char – Michael said he couldn’t stop looking at it. Isaac said the addition of the cape made him love it. Alyssa said the movement down the runway was beautiful.
  • Merline – Isaac said he loved the nudity of her arm. Georgina said she liked the architecture of the dress. Alyssa said it is so strong, but also so soft and feminine.
  • Ken – Isaac said the sneak of belly button made it feel junior. Georgina said the girl looked trashy.
  • Casanova – Alyssa said it was a tricky combination to make it look like a complete thought. Isaac said they looked like pieces he had seen already. Michael said he was so confused and wanted her to change into something else. Georgina said no one was questioning his talent.
  • Helen – Alyssa said she really liked it and did not know why she is in the bottom. Georgina said there was no invention to it. Isaac said her hips looked so wide.


The judges discussed the looks a little bit more before coming up with the final results. The winning designer tonight on PRAS Season 6 was Merline. The bottom two designers were Casanova and Ken. The judges had major issues with both of their looks, but the designer eliminated tonight was Casanova.

Project Runway All Stars Season 6 airs on Thursday nights at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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