Rihanna: Boyfriend Hassan Jameel Allegedly Fears She Will Reconcile With Chris Brown Amid Engagement Report

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Rihanna hasn’t been romantically linked to Chris Brown in well over three years, but according to reports, Hassan Jameel wonders whether his girlfriend could potentially get back with her former flame.

Rihanna has been seeing Jameel for well over six months now, sources report, and while their relationship has been going great so far, Hassan is said to be aware of Rihanna’s past with Chris Brown.

It’s believed that the billionaire businessman recently had a conversation with Rihanna about her former partner, whom the singer described as challenging but loving.

She reportedly made it clear that she had no plans of ever getting back with Brown, but she did mention that she would always have love for Chris in a friendly way, simply because of how much history they have had together as a couple.

Again, Rihanna doesn’t see herself reconciling with her ex-boyfriend, but there’s no doubt that she still cares for the troubled pop star, who hasn’t been able to settle down and find true love since parting ways with the Bajan beauty.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that Hassan isn’t happy about the news that Rihanna still cares about Chris, regardless of whether it’s in a friendly way or not — he thinks that Brown is a bad influence on his girlfriend’s life and wouldn’t want to be dumped for an alleged woman abuser.

“Hassan is not a fan of Chris Brown—at all—he thinks he’s a thug, and a woman beater,” the insider tells Hollywood Life, making it known that Jameel would be devastated if Rihanna was to return to her former partner after having fallen in love with the businesswoman over the summer of 2017.

Though Rihanna is said to have made it known that she still cares for Chris Brown in nothing more than a friendly way, the “Only Girl” hitmaker further mentions that she only has eyes for Jameel right now — she’s totally smitten by him and couldn’t be happier with her man.

Given the fact that they have already lasted half a year, Rihanna wants to continue keeping the relationship under the radar in the hopes that she will eventually settle down with Hassan without the intrusion of the media.