Bush pilot’s plane mauled by grizzly – repaired with duck tape

There are two lessons that can be learned from the un-named Alaskan bush pilot who had his plane mauled by an irritated grizzly bear.

The first lesson is that it is a wise idea to clean your plane after using it to haul your fishing catch after landing at your camp. If you don’t you may just find it becoming an attraction to a passing grizzly bear who can’t pass up what he thinks might be a free meal – if he can just get at it.

The second lesson is that duct tape truly can fix just about anything even a grizzly ravage bush plane.

After finding his plane had been treated like a scratching post by a hungry grizzly looking for the fish it smelled from inside he radioed for some supplies. His shopping list included two new tires to replace the one’s destroyed by the bear. Along with that he asked for three cases of duct tape and a couple rolls of cellophane tape.

As you can see from the picture the once mauled bush plane was literally patched back together with duct tape and air worthy enough to get the pilot back to civilization.

Cubafterhat tip to Times Live