Lil Wayne To Perform On 2016 Grammys Night, But Not At Awards Show?

Lil Wayne has been on the road with his Dedication Tour, but he is taking time out to perform on the night of the Grammy's, but, oddly, not at the 2016 Grammy Awards Ceremony.

Hot New Hip Hop announced on February 11 that Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz will perform on February 15 on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon -- on the same night as the Grammys.

Lil Wayne will be on Jimmy Fallon the night of the 2016 Grammys
Lil Wayne will be performing on the night of the 2016 Grammys, but not on the awards program. (Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Interestingly, Lil Wayne has been nominated for two Grammys for Song of the Year in conjunction with Nicki Minaj and Drake for "Truffle Butter" as well as Best Rap/Song Collaboration for "Only" with Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Chris Brown, according to the Grammys website.

Although Lil Wayne has performed at the Grammys in the past, this year, he is not on the list for performers, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Of course, Lil Wayne has many fans that would love to see him honored at the Grammys, and his peers often cite his genius. For instance, Nicki Minaj would likely vote for Lil Wayne to get more recognition for his feats, according to Music Times. About Lil Wayne's talents, Nicki Minaj stated the following.

"Well, I loved the fact that Wayne didn't write his lyrics down-he just memorized them. In the studio, he'd stress the importance of me writing my verses quicker than I'd become accustomed to. So it made me better and more confident."
Adding to this, Noisey also thinks that Lil Wayne should get the credit he deserves for Drake's success and said that when Drake got the Key to the City of Toronto, he should have passed the award on to Lil Wayne.

Alternatively, Elite Daily slightly shades Lil Wayne in their article about how Kanye West continues to remain timeless. In their lengthy cross-comparison between several popular rappers, they described Lil Wayne and whether he had the ability to have songs that remain popular for the long-term

In the end, their opinion was that Kanye West, and not Lil Wayne, was the winner. About Lil Wayne's test of time, they stated the following.

"[Lil] Wayne was a time and a large percentage of artists (not just hip-hop) will be just 'a time' in their respective fields. … we realized Kanye has never truly had a 'run.'… That is why Kanye will never have just a run or be just 'a time.' In terms of artistry, he is more than that. He is all-time."
Does this mean that Lil Wayne and Kanye might be caught up in a Twitter beef in the future where Kanye tries to remind Lil Wayne that he's his leader -- similar to Kanye and Wiz Khalifa's most recent Twitter squabble? According to the Guardian, Kanye West allegedly told Wiz Khalifa "I am your OG and I will be respected as such."

Unfortunately, Kanye and Lil Wayne have had tension in the past, and MTV says it heated up around Lil Wayne not getting crowned by the MTV News Awards for Hottest MC in the Game in 2009. Eventually, the Lil Wayne beef with Kanye roped in Jay Z.

[caption id="attachment_2789147" align="alignnone" width="670"]Lil Wayne and Kanye performed at the Grammys together before getting in a beef with Jay Z about the best rapper.Lil Wayne, MIA, Jay Z, and Kanye all performed together at the 2009 Grammys before getting in a beef later that September over another awards ceremony. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)[/caption]

Also odd was the fact that Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Jay Z, and MIA all performed on stage together at the 2009 Grammys about six months before the MTV verbal battle began between Jay Z/Kanye and Lil Wayne.

About Lil Wayne not getting the 2009 MTV News Award, his manager, Birdman, stated the following.

"I don't think [Jay Z] the [number one] MC, in no kinda way. [Lil] Wayne is the best, he do the most and he make the most money. I don't think no n—a in the business make more money than us."
Regardless, Lil Wayne once had tension with Jay Z in 2012, according to Lil Wayne HQ … but now they work closely together as the major investors in TIDAL … and he is currently suing Birdman.

[Picture by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]