[VIDEO] Modern Warfare 2 already hacked on PC?

The game hasn’t been out for 48 hours, but already one site is claiming to have the very first hack for Modern Warfare 2. If you’re a jerk, you can even choose to buy the hack from the site.

Watch the footage below, and you’ll see the hack in inglorious action. A player cruises through a Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer map in which all player positions (friendly or enemy) are highlighted, and guns have zero recoil. Needless to say, this is reportedly only for the PC version. And for jerks. In case I didn’t mention that.

1UP points out that this may simply be a ruse, though that video is pretty convincing. If it is real, it looks like Infinity Ward’s decision to forbid player admins (who could kick these chumps out of games) is looking shaky.

[Callofdutyhacks.com, via 1UP]