Tonya Harding Gets Mad When Piers Morgan Asks About Nancy Kerrigan During Live Interview [Video]

Vivien KillileaGetty Images for NEON

Tonya Harding has been more in the spotlight lately, as the movie about her life, I, Tonya, continues to generate buzz. However, Tonya doesn’t appear willing to always speak about the incident that brought her into the public eye and prompted Margot Robbie to star in the movie about Harding’s life. Piers Morgan was attempting to ask Harding about her 1994 skating opponent, Nancy Kerrigan, when the 47-year-old Tonya abruptly put an end to the interview with the popular British TV host.

Piers was attempting to question Tonya about whether she knew anything about the 1994 attack on Nancy. Decades ago, Kerrigan became the subject of sympathy when she was broadcast around the world, screaming one word, “Why?” Nancy was shown in her white skating outfit, crying and gripping her knee. Harding purportedly knew nothing about the attack on Nancy prior to it happening. Instead, Harding blamed the attack on her ex-husband and his friend.

Morgan asked Harding about the incident after accusing Harding of playing the victim, when Tonya spoke of victims of abuse who could not stand up for themselves. Piers pressed on, asking Tonya what exactly she knew or didn’t know about the attack on Nancy. According to ABC News, Tonya overheard her ex-husband and another man talking about hurting someone in order to make sure that Harding would make it to the Olympics.


Harding has been the source of controversy lately on social media, with Tonya claiming that she was afraid for her own life after telling her ex-husband and his friend that no one should be hurt and that she would be able to skate her way to Olympic gold.

Tonya ending up bidding Piers an early adieu from Portland, Oregon, after Morgan pressed her for more information. With Harding appearing at the Golden Globes, some folks are wondering why Tonya is being celebrated. However, after the controversial interview, per the Hollywood Reporter, some folks believe Harding should be forgiven for any role in the melee, with certain people believing that Harding herself was a victim in the whole scheme.