Nina Dobrev Is Unrecognizable As She She Slams Donald Trump In New Video

Nina Dobrev may by most famous for her role as Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries, but the star just landed herself a new gig putting President Donald Trump on serious blast. The star appears in a parody video for comedy site Funny or Die, where she takes on the role of an ageing Wife Coach called Karolina Petersburg who has a long relationship with the Trump family.

In the comedy clip uploaded to YouTube by Funny or Die on January 9, Nina’s character Karolina can be seen taking serious aim at Trump, even referring to him as being “the number one bad man” according to Hollywood Life.

Karolina then claims that she’s coached all of Trump’s past (and future) wives, including Melania Trump, before revealing the advice she gave the current First Lady when it came to dealing with being married to the businessman.

“Being married to [Trump] is a full-time job. Good money, but lots of work,” Nina’s character teased in the parody video, as she states that being married to the current president makes a person want “to kill yourself all the time.”

Dobrev then goes on to address some of the things a woman married to Trump must do, all while staying in character as the Eastern European Wife Coach in a short blonde wig and makeup that makes her look much older than her 29 years.

Amongst the things Dobrev’s character claims a wife of Trump must learn, she says, “How to say ‘I love you’ without it being a big lie” and how to “help him pick out big suits.”

She also says in the video, titled “Melania Trump’s Wife Coach Reveals Secrets with Nina Dobrev,” that a Trump wife must learn how to “hold hands without shuddering” and touch him “without throwing up.”

Dobrev teased the video on her social media accounts earlier this week, sharing photos and clips of herself getting into character for her new role putting the president on serious blast.

“New role. My most transformative yet,” Dobrev captioned several photos of herself getting into character while wearing the short blonde wig and filming on set on Instagram on January 9. “Donald Trump already knows her, but for the rest of the world… meet Karolina Petersburg,” she joked.

Nina then continued to joke around in the caption of her Instagram photos, adding, “It’s not easy to be the wife of a powerful rich man. Somebody had to coach them.”

She then shared a video of herself in the make-up chair, confirming that she most definitely wouldn’t be going easy on Trump with her scathing new role.

Borrowing lyrics from Demi Lovato’s hit “Sorry Not Sorry,” Dobrev told her over 14 million followers, “It’d be nice for me to take easy oh ya, but NAHHHH” before tagging Donald in her message.

Notably, Nina has been incredibly outspoken about her disdain for the current president over the past few months, even admitting back in August that she was hopeful that he would be impeached or indicted.

The former Vampire Diaries actress slammed Trump in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, where she admitted that she feels the way the president had been treating immigrants is “unacceptable.”

Nina Dobrev calls out Donald Trump in Funny or Die video

“Hopefully he’ll get impeached. Or indicted. Or both. He just doesn’t act like a president,” Nina, who was born in Bulgaria but raised in Canada, said at the time.

Making her feelings very clear, the actress then added of the former the Apprentice boss, “He acts like a reality star on a terrible, horrible show that should never be aired.”

Nina also slammed the president multiple times during the election on her Instagram page, repeatedly voicing her support for his opponent Hillary Clinton.