'General Hospital' Spoilers: Maxie Wants To Hide, Dr. O In Danger, Nathan's Daring Rescue

General Hospital spoilers tease some big revelations will come in the next weeks. It wasn't easy for Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) to open up about Nathan's (Ryan Paevey) father. Opening up about Faison might haunt her soon enough.

Being Faison's son will haunt Nathan - the man is pure evil. Even if he never showed any traces of how evil Faison can be, he will still worry. General Hospital spoilers tease Nathan will join in on hunting the man who is supposed to be his father. He will team up with Lulu to track down Faison, and this will eventually cause issues with Dante. The mission can put their lives in danger, and this problem is more serious than ever. Lulu will not have any information on Faison, and this will make Dante feel relieved. However, when Nathan enters the picture as a son after his father, things might take a more dangerous turn. This mission will put several lives at risk, not to mention the life of Naxie's unborn child.

Now that this information is out in the open, it will be surprising if there won't be issues for Nathan and Maxie. General Hospital spoilers for this week hint Maxie will have nightmares and this might have something to do with the baby. No matter how much Nathan pretends, Maxie will feel her husband is worried Faison will come to disturb their lives. There's no telling what Faison will do when he hears about what's going on in Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers tease Maxie will appeal to Nathan, and tell him to stop hunting down his father. Nathan wants Faison where he can see what he is doing. However, Maxie feels looking for Faison will not resolve anything, and this might even irate him. If this happens, Faison might go after their baby. The nightmares will haunt her too, and this will push her to suggest they go into hiding.

General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry reveal Dr. O will come face to face with someone who terrifies her. She needs to pay a huge price for keeping a big secret, especially from a man as evil as Faison. This might be enough incentive for Faison to meet with her personally. There are also speculations that Nathan will come to rescue his mother. Upcoming storylines are full of danger, and General Hospital spoilers tease there might be more lives in danger soon.