YouTube Looks At ‘Further Consequences’ For Logan Paul, Is There An Option For Complete Ban Or Firing?

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Logan Paul told his fans that he will be taking a break after posting a suicide video when he visited Japan.

Paul has received a lot of criticisms because of his apathy on the scene. The video apparently featured a real suicide victim who has hung himself on the tree. The now-deleted video still garnered millions of views for the star.

In his apology video, Paul somehow convinced his fans to let him go, but others are not as forgiving. Some say that Paul even took advantage of his apology to earn more money yet again.

Since Paul is a YouTuber, he doesn’t really belong to any company, thus he doesn’t need to answer to any rule or regulation. It has become arguable, especially since the outing of sexual harassment issues in Hollywood, that if Paul was employed, he would have been fired. Now, everyone’s eyes are on YouTube to see whether they will take action.

Earlier today, the video hosting platform finally released a statement on Twitter. They said that they are looking at different options and have been reviewing all feedback, Daily News reported.

YouTube said they acknowledge the fact that the creators do have an effect on the community so they will update everyone on the steps they’re “taking to ensure a video like this never circulated again.”

Though YouTube has sent in their apology to the community, the “steps” they will take to provide consequences for Paul’s actions still seem vague. They did not clarify whether Paul will now be completely banned on YouTube, the same way child-related channels have been last year. They also did not say whether they will release new guidelines for posting and advertising to discourage these kinds of videos.

Will YouTube Ban Logan Paul
Will YouTube Ban Logan PaulFeatured image credit: D DipasupilGetty Images

Paul stepped away from YouTube to “reflect,” but this still did not stop him from joining other projects. According to TMZ, the YouTuber is keeping his lead role in the upcoming horror movie Superstition: The Rule of 3’s. The production sources told TMZ that there were no decisions to fire him yet.

Falconer Productions CEO Doug Falconer, however, said they have no plans to recast Paul for other productions. Falconer also noted that the news is new to him and that he would talk to the other producers to see what will happen.