Alex Jones Confrontation: Radio Host Detained By TSA At Texas Airport

Conspiracy-theorist and radio talk show host Alex Jones got into a beef with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport for refusing to take off his shoes at the security checkpoint.

The controversial radio talker was en route to New York City for a CNN appearance tonight to debate Piers Morgan about gun control.

According to the Digital Journal,

“As Jones traveled to New York, he got into a spat with TSA officials, who wanted Jones to take his shoes off. The Jones-led claims that he saw other people not having to take their shoes off and the security officers discriminated him because he is an ardent critic of the administration.”

The aforementioned InfoWars website, which apparently started the petition calling for the deportation of Piers Morgan, reports that a police officer threatened to arrest Jones unless he took off his shoes:

“Not even giving Jones the option to leave the airport, the cop continued with threats to arrest Jones and prevent him from flying as the radio host threatened to file a lawsuit for civil rights violations …

“Eventually agreeing to remove his shoes, Jones then walked towards the metal detector as the cop leaned over to talk to the TSA agents. After Jones had already passed through the metal detector, a ‘beep’ was sounded and TSA agents began laughing. Jones later said it was obvious that TSA screeners had set the metal detector off themselves, possibly by order of the officer, so that they could harass Jones further. Other travelers have reported that TSA agents routinely set off the metal detector themselves in order to manufacture a justification for further harassment.”

Jones is mulling a lawsuit against the TSA for violating his civil liberties. He apparently came down with a case of athlete’s foot some years back after taking off his shoes at airport security.

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