Ryan Coogler Talks About How Black Panther Has Changed Since He Was Introduced In ‘Captain America: Civil War’

With the Black Panther movie getting closer to its premiere date, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are curious as to what they can expect to see from this new addition to the MCU. Although fans were introduced to Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa/Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War, there was not a lot of opportunities for audiences to get to know the character. However, with his solo adventure set to hit theaters on February 16, fans will finally get the chance to really find out who the Black Panther is, as well as what kind of man T’Challa is following the tragedy that changed his life. According to director Ryan Coogler, there will definitely be some differences.

According to a report from Cinema Blend, Coogler opened up about the differences between Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War versus his solo movie. While talking about the changes made in the character, the director pointed out that when audiences first met T’Challa, he was outside of his home, Wakanda, in a place that he did not want to be. On top of all this, he also had to watch his father be murdered in front of him. This means that in Captain America: Civil War, he was truly a “man on a mission.” Audiences did not really get to see his character speak much, and instead, they only saw a man who was basically “tortured.”

While all of these aspects were what made Black Panther a sort of scene-stealer in the Captain America movie, in his own solo movie, there are going to be more “layers” to the character. Although fans of the Black Panther will still see the same man they met previously, Ryan Coogler shared that this time around, “you’re seeing all of the layers pulled back.”

The director shared that the Black Panther movie is going to be from T’Challa’s perspective, which means that fans are going to get more of the character and who he is as a man and a leader. With the film revolving around Chadwick Boseman’s character, this is a chance for the film to be much more personal, since “he’s surrounded by people who he loves and cares for.” In fact, according to Ryan Coogler, audiences are going to get see a very weighty storyline because this is a man who not only lost his father but has to come home and take over the leadership of his country. This means fans are going to see as he goes “through the journey of taking on the greatest responsibility that a person can have, the responsibility of leading a country.”

Even though Chadwick Boseman’s character certainly captivated audiences when he debuted in Captain America: Civil War, there was not really a chance to get to know who he is and what kind of man he is. Now, in Black Panther, all of that is going to change, because while the movie is all about this character, it is not the typical origin story, and is instead a chance to get to know a leader as he takes on the mantle of king.

Fans of Chadwick Boseman and Black Panther will get to see as the new king of Wakanda steps up for his country, when the movie premieres in theaters on February 16.