Michael Bloomberg Is Advising VP Joe Biden On Gun Control

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg confirmed that he has been advising Vice President Joe Biden on gun control legislation. Although it is currently unclear if Bloomberg has spoken directly to President Barack Obama or the vice president about a gun ban, their respective officers have been in communication since the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown last month.

During a Monday press conference Mayor Bloomberg had this to say about aiding Joe Biden in his task to develop new gun control legislation:

“We sent some of our people down to Washington and we had some people on the phone to give Joe Biden our ideas. What we’ve got to do first is try to do everything we can to help Joe Biden.”

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been one of the most vocal elected gun control advocates, according to Yahoo News. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Mayor Bloomberg is involved with the Mayors Against Illegal Gun Violence organization.

Vice President Biden and the Obama administration are working on a “far broader and more comprehensive” set of gun control measures than “previously anticipated” in a reported attempted to thwart gun violence, according to the Washington Post.

The gun control legislative proposals are expected to be presented before the end of the month. The Obama administration reportedly courted Michael Bloomberg to aid with the public relations push necessary to get any type of gun ban or control measures passed. The New York City mayor and a host of others had previously criticized both the Congress and President Obama for not doing enough to “solve” the gun violence in America.