Carrie Underwood Allegedly Upset Wendy Williams Accused Her Of Facelift After Accident [Rumor]

Carrie Underwood recently shared the news with fans that she suffered a pretty hard fall and ended up having to get 40-50 stitches in her face. Hollywood Life revealed that Carrie Underwood is allegedly pretty upset right now because Wendy Williams gave her a hard time and accused her of getting a facelift. Wendy always shares her exact thoughts and doesn’t hold back. Every day on her show she does this, but most people just let it go.

The Inquisitr shared the details about how Carrie let her fans know that she fell and hurt her wrist, but also had to get several stitches in her face. Carrie wanted to make sure that the fans knew that there was a chance that she might not look exactly the same the next time that they saw her. When she originally told them about the fall, she only mentioned her wrist, but then she later let them know about the cuts to her face.

A source close to Carrie Underwood is now speaking out and saying that she is very upset with the way Wendy Williams attacked her integrity. Wendy isn’t one to stay quiet about her opinion. The source shared that Carrie is so upset that someone would think she would be anything but honest when it comes to her fans. Carrie reached out to her fans to tell them the story about falling and Wendy assumed that she had a facelift and made up the story to cover it up. There is no proof at all that Carrie is lying, but instead, Wendy was just simply assuming this was the case.

Right now, Carrie Underwood is focusing on healing and new music. The source even shared that her team and Carrie are consulting on what to do about Wendy’s comments. This could be the end of it, but hopefully, Wendy will stop sharing her thoughts on Carrie and decide to let it be.

Carrie has been back in the studio and working hard on her music. The fans can’t wait to see what she is going to do next, but so far she isn’t sharing exactly how she looks after her big fall. American Idol will be returning in March and maybe Carrie will make an appearance.