Roseanne Barr Feels She Would Make A Better President Than Oprah Or Donald Trump

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Actress Roseanne Barr both defended her support of Donald Trump and revealed that she feels she would make a better president than the current commander-in-chief.

At the first official press conference for the Roseanne revival at the Television Critics Association on Monday, the 65-year-old comedienne touched base on Oprah Winfrey’s empowering speech at Sunday night’s Golden Globes, as well as the subsequent talk of Winfrey possibly running for the Oval Office seat in 2020.

After first attempting to brush the question off, Barr expressed that while she respected Oprah, she still supported Trump’s regime.

“I do love Oprah. Of course I love Oprah like everybody else, but I think it was time for us as a country to shake things up and try something different [with Trump],” she said, according to Entertainment Weekly.

When asked if she would do a better job than either Trump or Oprah, Barr — who ran for office under the Green Tea Party banner in 2012 (she lost the slot to Jill Stein) — said that she felt that she’d be “better than Oprah or Susan Sarandon, [and] possibly even Donald Trump.”

Later in the conference, Roseanne confirmed that her TV alter ego would be outed as a voter for Trump, along with her recently-resurrected husband Dan Conner (played by John Goodman).

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The cast of 'Roseanne' speak at the Television Critic Association press tour.Featured image credit: Frederick M. Brown/StringerGetty Images

“I said it, and I’ll say again, I’ve always attempted to portray a realistic portrait of the American people and of working class people,” Barr told reporters.

“And in fact, it was working class people who elected Trump, so I felt like that was very real and something that needed to be discussed especially about polarization in the family and actually hating people for the way they voted, which I feel like is not American. There was a lot of thought in it.”

Be that as it may, the entire show won’t circumvent around politics. Along with the revelation of Roseanne being a Trump supporter, viewers will be introduced to Roseanne’s grandchildren through DJ and Darlene Conner (Michael Fishman and Sara Gilbert, respectively). A small tidbit released during the TCA noted that the black girl that DJ refused to kiss in season 7 of the original series, is now the mother of his daughter.

The revival of Roseanne begins March 27 on ABC.