Booker T Criticizes The Wrestling Style Of The Young Bucks

Ring of Honor/WWE

The age-old debate in professional wrestling of old school vs. new school is a discussion that never may end. Years ago, most of the matches were done to build up a star who was a top name of the territory, or when two top names competed, to tell a compelling story for the spectators to witness. While many fans of today may have chanted “boring” during a match of the 1960s, ’70s, or even ’80s, others long to see the day when matches are not filled with careless risk-taking spots to please the crowd.

One of these fans of old school wrestling is WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. Booker T’s resume is one of the most decorative in pro wrestling history, as he is a five-time WCW Champion, WWE World Heavyweight Champion, WCW United States Champion, WCW Television Champion, WWE United States Champion, WWE Intercontinental Champion, former King of the Ring tournament winner, and multi-time WCW and WWE Tag Team Champion.

Highly respecting the nature of the business, Booker T is very passionate about keeping the old-school storytelling alive. Staunch foes of this style are the seven-time and current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, Nick and Matt Jackson, better known as The Young Bucks.

For the most part, The Young Bucks’ style is very fast paced and high energy, filled with zany spots that throw caution to the wind. While their over-exertion of the superkick move has drawn quite a bit of controversy over the years, they have amassed a very wide fanbase who support their wrestling style, and have become one of the most popular tag teams in all of pro wrestling.

Booker T recently interviewed former WWE United States and IWGP Intercontinental Champion MVP in conjunction to promote his upcoming appearance at a Reality of Wrestling event. The two discussed the old school vs. new school mentality of wrestling, and Booker T had some choice words to say about The Young Bucks.

While he put over Nick and Matt Jackson as a team overall, he voiced how he does not agree with the type of matches they showcase, as it lacks storytelling.

“For me, it was always about the story,” said Booker T. “The moves were very important and what I went out and did, but the story was even more important.”

He added that he cannot remember the last time he saw a fan chanting someone’s name, but they have replaced that with “This is awesome!” The reason for this, according to Booker T, is because new school wrestlers are “jumping on their heads” and there is “no investment in the character.” Booker T hopes that the Young Bucks will capitalize on what they are doing now, because he does not believe that their skill set would survive in WWE. Moreover, he believes that The Young Bucks’ actions outside the ring, being very outspoken, will hurt them in the long run.