Trump Is A 'Seriously Flawed Human Being,' Members Of Congress Afraid To Speak Up, Says Rep. Adam Schiff

Patricia Ramirez

According to Representative Adam Schiff, the current state of Donald Trump's mental health fitness is a concern weighing heavily on the minds of nearly every member of congress. What's more, the California lawmaker and ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee says that his Washington D.C. colleagues are afraid and/or unwilling to speak out publicly about their concerns.

"I don't think there is anyone in Congress, frankly, of either party who does not concur at least privately with those observations and concerns. Certainly, very few are willing to express them publicly in Congress, and I think that's to the detriment of our institution."

Since the release of the controversial and disputed Trump tell-all, Trump and his mental fitness have found themselves in the media crosshairs, prompting the POTUS to respond to concerns via Twitter. In his Sunday interview, Adam Schiff addressed President Trump's social media response to concerns regarding his perceived mental health shortcomings. However, according to Trump's Twitter feed, he's not crazy or unfit. Rather, the President has deemed himself to be a "mentally stable genius."

"The big question for us, though, is —you know, plainly, we have a seriously flawed human being in the Oval Office. Will those flaws be allowed to permeate the whole of government?"

"If they are investigating Hillary Clinton, it doesn't take a genius, let alone a stable genius, to see why. It's not because there is some new evidence that has come to light. It's because they're being badgered by the White House to do it. I think that these cracks that we're seeing in the independence of the Justice Department ought to concern every American."