Trump Is A ‘Seriously Flawed Human Being,’ Members Of Congress Afraid To Speak Up, Says Rep. Adam Schiff

Pablo Martinez MonsivaisAP Images

According to Representative Adam Schiff, the current state of Donald Trump’s mental health fitness is a concern weighing heavily on the minds of nearly every member of congress. What’s more, the California lawmaker and ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee says that his Washington D.C. colleagues are afraid and/or unwilling to speak out publicly about their concerns.

“I don’t think there is anyone in Congress, frankly, of either party who does not concur at least privately with those observations and concerns. Certainly, very few are willing to express them publicly in Congress, and I think that’s to the detriment of our institution.”

As Newsweek reports, Adam Schiff expressed his concerns about Trump’s mental health and how that mental health – possibly lack thereof – could be impacting Congress during a Sunday interview on State of the Union. Schiff’s concerns regarding the mental health and fitness of POTUS Trump closely echo many of the sentiments expressed in the newly-released Michael Wolff book “Fire and Fury,” which has flown off store shelves since its early release this week. The book, reports The Guardian, cites close Trump confidantes and staff, and describes a chaotic and dysfunctional White House environment led by an uncontrollable, unpredictable, Twitter-loving POTUS.

When excerpts of Fire and Fury were released earlier this week, Trump attempted to block the release of the book via a “cease and desist” letter. The effort resulted in the book being released days earlier than scheduled and flying off bookstore shelves.

Since the release of the controversial and disputed Trump tell-all, Trump and his mental fitness have found themselves in the media crosshairs, prompting the POTUS to respond to concerns via Twitter. In his Sunday interview, Adam Schiff addressed President Trump’s social media response to concerns regarding his perceived mental health shortcomings. However, according to Trump’s Twitter feed, he’s not crazy or unfit. Rather, the President has deemed himself to be a “mentally stable genius.”

Schiff profoundly disagreed with Donald Trump’s glowing self-assessment, claiming that it’s “plain” that the POTUS is “seriously flawed” and potentially contagious.

“The big question for us, though, is —you know, plainly, we have a seriously flawed human being in the Oval Office. Will those flaws be allowed to permeate the whole of government?”

During his interview, Representative Schiff also expressed concern that Trump’s potentially sub-par mental fitness could cause the U.S. government to make dangerous decisions, citing the Justice Department’s choice to “cave to Trump” regarding its investigation into Hillary Clinton. According to the California legislator, recent “unprecedented” Justice Department actions, including a new investigation into the Clinton Foundation and reportedly reexamining the probe into Clinton’s infamous emails and her use of a private email server, indicate that the Justice Department is now taking its cues from Trump.

Hillary Clinton was investigated by the previous administration’s Justice Department and found to have not broken the law prior to Donald Trump’s unexpected 2016 presidential victory. According to Adam Schiff, if the Trump Justice Department once again set sights on Hillary Clinton, it’s due to pressure from the POTUS, something that he believes should “concern every American.”

“If they are investigating Hillary Clinton, it doesn’t take a genius, let alone a stable genius, to see why. It’s not because there is some new evidence that has come to light. It’s because they’re being badgered by the White House to do it. I think that these cracks that we’re seeing in the independence of the Justice Department ought to concern every American.”

Donald Trump is currently spending the weekend with a handful of fellow Republicans at Camp David and has not spoken publicly about Schiff’s assessment of his mental fitness, choosing rather to use his Twitter account to blast the mainstream media and touting “The Fake News Awards.” The Justice Department has yet to respond to Adam Schiff’s claims that Trump may be successfully badgering the department as concerns over his mental fitness for office continue to swirl.