President Trump To Be Medically Examined Amidst Concerns Of Failing Health

Claims of U.S. President Donald Trump being the “healthiest individual ever elected to presidency” will be put to test later this week.

The White House announced in December last year that Trump will undergo a physical, his first official examination after election, on January 12. Trump will be examined by Dr. Ronny Jackson, the White House Physician at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Trump’s medical is scheduled at a time when his health is making news for wrong reasons, despite his assertions to the contrary.

Questions about the U.S. President’s health and lifestyle, and subsequently, his ability to hold office, have been around even before his White House entry. Trump is reportedly not fond of working out and his culinary preferences are said to be a far-cry from those of his predecessors. He has publicly disclosed his liking for hamburgers and all things fried.

Before the election, the President’s personal physician gave him a clean chit. However, this assessment has done little to stem rumors post-election about Trump’s health. During this week’s evaluation, Dr. Jackson is likely to measure Trump’s physical stats and assess vision, cardiac function, gastrointestinal health and neurological indicators, if past tests are any indications, CNN reports.

According to several reports in the recent past, discussions in the context of talk about Trump’s ability to lead have featured the 25th amendment, which allows for the President’s removal from office if deemed mentally or physically unfit to work, by the Vice-President and the cabinet.

Though the President is under no mandate to disclose results of the assessment, considered a formality and not a threat, as pointed out by the Telegraph, the Trump administration may bow to criticism over the real-estate mogul’s ability to hold office due to alleged ill-health. Comparisons are also likely to be made with Barack Obama, who disclosed a detailed report of his health.

The physical will, however, just be that – a physical examination, despite growing clamor for Trump’s mental health evaluation. His interactions with global leaders, ways of administration, and tweets have triggered concerns of failing mental health. More recently, journalist Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House has attempted to lend credence to these rumors, according to the Independent, by claiming that the President may be battling mental health problems including dementia.

In a series of tweets targeted at news reports based on Wolff’s claims, Trump attempted to quell rumors by claiming he is a “very stable genius. A physical is likely to tell.