'This Is Us' Star Milo Ventimiglia Shares Truth Behind His Crooked Smile, Plus Other Little Known Facts

Milo Ventimiglia is no newby when it comes to television, but his popularity has soared even more after landing the role of Jack Pearson on the NBC hit drama This is Us. Ventimiglia has touched hearts and sent women swooning over Jack. One of the attributes that captivates fans and has landed Milo among the sexiest men alive in People magazine's 2017 issue is his crooked smile.

How did Milo get that infamous smile? PopSugar shared the story behind the crooked smile. Ventimiglia shared that the smile is actually a medical condition. He said it is a birth defect resulting from dead nerves. Milo revealed he was asked to get his slanted smile fixed when he first appeared in Hollywood. He refused saying it was part of who he was and having a crooked mouth is just part of that. Most fans can agree that Milo made the right decision in keeping his smile just the way it is.

Other facts that may be little known about Ventimiglia also appeared in the article, which included mentioning his four year relationship with Gilmore Girls co-star Alexis Bledel. The two kept their relationship, which began in 2002, a secret. It is reported they even almost tied the knot, but ultimately the couple broke up in 2006.

Even though Milo knows exactly how things play out, Ventimiglia admits to crying while watching This is Us right along with fans everywhere. In fact, speaking of crying, Milo also has ties to singer Fergie and appeared in her music video for "Big Girls Don't Cry." Another little known fact is that actor Will Smith has been a huge influence on Milo and how he chooses to treat everyone he works with. He said Will always treated everyone on set equally and with respect. Since then Milo chooses to be a good man and show others respect as Will Smith did.

Ventimiglia also takes good care of himself. Having been raised a vegetarian by his mother, he has stuck with that lifestyle into adulthood. Taking care of himself is one plus that helped land him into being one of the sexiest men alive. People caught up with the three heartthrobs of This is Us recently to find out what they think is sexiest about each other.

They all had amazing things to say about one another, especially Sterling K. Brown. Sterling took this time to bring up Milo's now famous scene in which his behind was exposed in the trailer for This is Us. The trailer was so popular, it went viral in just 11 days reaching over 50 million hits. Brown said, "Let me say, there's many things about you — but I will say, that booty shot. When I saw it, just how high the cheeks sat, the contour and the roundedness of it all? That takes work."

Ventimiglia has a lot going for him personally and professionally. Fans are more than eager to learn more about Jack Pearson and how he died on the show. The second half of the season is scheduled to air January 9 on NBC. Stars of the show have said it will be very revealing. Don't miss This is Us Tuesday's on NBC.