Kate Middleton’s Diet Might Not Be Influencing Meghan Markle’s Wedding Preparations After All

Matt DunhamGetty Images

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have been compared numerous times since the TV star announced her engagement to Prince Harry. Recently, reports have claimed that Ms. Markle may be taking some diet tips from Duchess Kate. These claims seem unlikely, however, since the California-born actress already follows a reliable diet to help her fit into her wedding gown.

Express UK speculates that Meghan Markle will follow Kate Middleton’s diet regimen to get fit for her wedding dress. According to Cosmopolitan, Ms. Middleton was obsessed with the Dukan Diet when she was preparing for her wedding. Apparently, both Kate Middleton and her mother strictly followed the four-phase diet created by a French doctor named Pierre Dukan.

Dr. Dukan’s diet consists of four basic phases: the attack phase, the cruise phase, the consolation phase, and the permanent stabilization phase. Based on Cosmopolitan’s description of the diet, the Dukan Diet introduces small changes to a person’s diet until the person develops healthier eating habits. As a result, people do not regain the pounds they’ve shed after trying the Dukan Diet, can maintain their weight, and continue a healthy lifestyle.

Despite reports, Meghan Markle follows a diet plan of her own which seems to be working for her based on recent photos of the future royal bride. Most of the former Suits star’s healthy eating habits came from her life in California as an actress and her childhood.

Ms. Markle’s old blog, The Tig, gave her fans a glimpse of how she maintained her healthy lifestyle. The former actress’ lifestyle blog revealed that Ms. Markle knows her way around the kitchen. In fact, she told Best Health Magazine how she learned to cook at a young age. She helped make some of the food and nibbles on the set of Married with Children when her dad was working as the lighting director on the set of the show.

Since her time making nibbles, Meghan Markle has moved on to cooking pasta dishes which she knows is high in carbs but can’t deny loving. She also admits that she could eat French fries all day–another source of carbs. Even though carb-based foods seem to be her favorite, Ms. Markle asserts that she tries to maintain a balanced diet. The future royal believes that depriving herself of the foods she loves only leads to binging.

Ms. Markle seems to have developed a diet that works for her and her body throughout the years. So, she may not be too eager to shift to Kate Middleton’s Dukan Diet.