‘Little People, Big World’: Audrey Roloff Opens Up About ‘Mom-Guilt’ And Baby Ember’s Christmas Boo-Boo

Audrey RoloffInstagram

Like any first-time parent, Audrey Roloff wanted to make sure that her baby girl’s first Christmas would be truly special. However, the Little People, Big World star revealed in a new blog post how she “wallowed in mom guilt” on Christmas morning due to a little boo-boo that made baby Ember cry!

According to Audrey, she cut one of Ember’s nails too short and it bled for a whole hour. While this happens to almost all new moms, Audrey narrated how she felt so guilty that she might have ruined her daughter’s first Christmas.

“I laid in bed with her all morning, refusing to get up and make us Christmas brunch, and wallowing in mom guilt. Ember cried for all of 10 seconds, but of course it left my eyes watery and my heart throbbing for the next few hours,” the 26-year-old reality star wrote.

“It wasn’t how I wanted Christmas morning to start off… I wanted it to be a perfect, cuddly, picturesque, breakfast-in-bed kinda morning. But it wasn’t…Maybe I’m just a wee more emotional because it was her first Christmas and maybe mom guilt really does make you a little crazy.”

Baby Ember’s tiny boo-boo can be seen in some of the photos Audrey shared on her blog. The three-month-old can be seen wearing a mitten on one hand while nursing her injured finger. According to Audrey, she’s still learning to let go of high expectations especially when it comes to her daughter’s milestones.

“Does anyone else set too strict or too high of expectations for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries?! I can’t be the only one… but I am learning to let go of this, and not let one wrong turn have such a rock skipping effect.”

Despite the little mishap in the morning and Audrey’s mom-guilt moment, baby Ember had an awesome first Christmas! Jeremy and Audrey started a unique and fun new thing to add to their Christmas traditions: getting a surprise present for their baby!

Jeremy and Audrey each bought a gift for Ember without telling each other. Audrey chose a sherpa-lined overalls for her mini-fashionista, while Jeremy bought a Christmas storybook and a sparkly New Year’s Eve dress. It’s certainly a nice family tradition new parents could try doing for their kids!

The couple, who are both bloggers aside from being reality stars, also had fun directing Ember’s first Christmas photoshoot. They dressed their little girl in a gorgeous vintage-inspired velvet dress and took pictures of her under the tree.

On Christmas day, Jeremy and Audrey took Ember to visit their family. Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff previously posted photos of their family’s mini-reunion with Jeremy, Audrey, Zach, Tori, and their babies.

Matt and Amy Roloff may be welcoming more grandbabies soon–as Audrey has interestingly hinted in her blog that she wants more kids in the future! The reality star wrote that celebrating Ember’s first Christmas made her want to spend holidays with more children.

“Ember’s first Christmas brought out the child in us both again. I cannot wait to celebrate the holidays with Ember and our future children in the years to come, it makes everything so much more fun!”

Little People, Big World is slated to return to TLC sometime this year. The brand new season will focus on the Roloff family’s new additions, little Jackson and baby Ember.