Natalie Bollinger: Missing Colorado Teen Found Dead Three Weeks After Facebook Post About Alleged Stalker

Officials have confirmed that the body of a young woman found in a wooded area near Denver, Colorado, is that of missing teenager Natalie Bollinger. Just weeks before she vanished, Natalie, 19, penned a Facebook post about an alleged stalker she claimed had been threatening her, her family members, and her friends.

Natalie’s death is being investigated as a homicide by the Adams County Sheriff’s Department, according to KUSA 9 News. Sheriff Michael McIntosh said the 26 hours that took place from the time the teen was reported missing until her body was found are a mystery to officials. He noted that those hours are “crucial” for authorities to understand what happened to her.

On December 13, Natalie took to her Facebook page and wrote about Shawn Schwartz, a man she stated she had met when she was young. She said they had become friends and she had aided him by giving him “rides and stuff,” according to People. Natalie wrote she moved to Virginia and claimed Schwartz drove “across country” to see her. She also alleged he “slept behind” her workplace “for weeks.”

People further reports that Natalie went on to claim in her post that Schwartz harassed her with emails, threatened her family and friends, and told her he would “kill himself” in front of her.

Natalie filed a restraining order against Schwartz in December, according to KUSA 9 News. Although Schwartz has been questioned by authorities, Sheriff McIntosh indicated his department is not yet ready to call any person a suspect in Natalie’s death at this time.

The sheriff also said Natalie’s case is an isolated one, so he does not feel there is a current threat to the local community. KUSA 9 News reports that he said that no arrests have been made and he’s “not concerned that this person isn’t in custody yet.”

On Saturday, the Daily Camera communicated with Schwartz via Facebook who said he is “trying to stay out of the way” of the investigation and “let the cops do their jobs.”

Natalie vanished on the afternoon of Thursday, December 28, 2017. Her lifeless body was found the next day on property belonging to McIntosh Dairy, according to CBS Denver.

Authorities and the Bollinger family are asking anyone with any type of information about Natalie’s case to call 303-654-1850 or 303-288-1535.