Tell-All Book Questions Trump’s Mental Health Alleges That President Has Become Increasingly Forgetful

Alex WongGetty Images

The author of an explosive tell-all book detailing the first year of the Trump White House is raising new questions about the president’s mental health.

Michael Wolff writing an essay for the Hollywood Reporter on Thursday questioned President Trump’s mental competence after alleging that the 71-year-old fails to recognize old friends, tweets erratically, slurs his speeches, and repeats stories as much as three times, word-for-word, expression-for-expression all within 10 minutes.

Wolff claims that White House aides in a bid to hide the failings from the public last fall concocted a plan where anyone who wanted to interview the president, needed to submit their questions beforehand.

Wolff, who is releasing his brimstone book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House early after being threatened by President Trump’s lawyers to desist, claims White House Communications Director Hope Hicks is particularly attentive to Trump’s lapses.

He alleges that it was this failing that made Hicks urge the president to forgo an interview to open the fall season of 60 Minutes and instead be interviewed by Fox News’ Sean Hannity who offered to supply his questions before the show.

Hannity has since disagreed with the story through a representative, who told the Washington Post that the talk show host had never provided questions ahead of time for President Trump.


This is not the first time that questions over President Trump’s mental state would be raised. According to the Hill, more than a dozen lawmakers held a meeting with a psychiatry professor from Yale who revealed that the president’s “unraveling” mental health was a cause for concern.

Dr. Bandy X. Lee, an internationally acclaimed expert on violence, traveled to Washington and gave a presentation on why the president was a “public health risk” in December.

The meeting was attended by a group of Democrats and a solitary Republican. It lasted 16 hours over the course of two days; the Daily Beast is reporting.


Lee pointed out that even though psychiatrists are not allowed to diagnose from afar, the president’s pattern of worrying behavior shows he is obsessed with his self-image and would not mind resorting to violence to protect it.

Lee fears that the Mueller indictments might pose a massive reactionary trigger for President Trump

“He’s very attracted to a means of violence as a way of burnishing power…Something like the Mueller indictments would pose a serious threat to someone who has difficulty coping with criticism…in our minds, it was a trigger that was going to unleash worrisome signs and as we predicted, they’re unfolding.”