Twitter User Edits Hall of Presidents Statue Of Trump Into Actual Pictures Of The President

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While controversial in nearly every action he takes, President Trump has managed to draw both the admiration and ire of the voting populace during his first year in office. Despite the public’s mixed opinion on the actual man, opinions on Disney’s Hall of Presidents visage are nearly unanimous. Though perhaps a valiant effort to capture the president’s likeness, many have argued that Disney’s newest addition to their famous attraction doesn’t exactly live up to their traditionally high standards of quality. The famous entertainment organization may choose to ignore complaints about their newest animatronic installment, but Twitter user bornmiserable doesn’t seem to mind, opting to utilize Disney’s slight gaff to comedic effect, according to People.

Garnering over 13,000 retweets and 51,000 likes since his original post, bornmiserable has sculpted something of a viral sensation out of Disney’s failed effort. While proponents of the current president may be quick to disregard the prank, those who dislike the president, or those who are simply in search of a good laugh, will likely come to enjoy these hilarious edits. Noting that the edits are an apparent improvement over the original photos, bornmiserable has taken some of the president’s most iconic moments and turned them into a unique blend of side-splitting, yet subtly creepy, photography.

Perhaps one of the most interesting edits capitalizes on the already heavily mocked instance of Donald Trump lurking behind Hillary Clinton during the second presidential debate. Already an awkward moment for the then-presidential candidate, Trump’s confused, unsettling expression in this photo-shopped image seems to be a representation of what Trump’s opponents think of him. Another photo features President Trump addressing the nation with a bleary-eyed, ridiculous look that dips somewhere into the uncanny valley.

Disney claims to maintain their Hall of Presidents attraction out of a love and respect for American history, and the entertainment giant has gone as far as to include original remarks for the new display which were recorded by the president himself. Yet, the recreation of the American government’s historic office appears to have been met with some kind of difficulty, as the reopening of Disney’s facility was delayed by nearly a year. Originally closed in January of 2017, Disney likely intended for their historical homage to open much sooner than it did, but a feud with the Trump administration may have caused work on the display to be slowed. According to an article by the Washington Examiner, Trump may have been unwilling or unable to lend his voice to Disney’s famous exhibit. However, despite the confusion, the Hall of Presidents was able to reopen on December 19, 2017, with Trump’s voice included.

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According to USA Today, Twitter users, who initially compared the model to American actor Jon Voight, have laughed at the new inclusion since its inauguration several weeks ago. Regardless of political affiliation, most politically-savvy individuals are likely to find what Twitter has done with the Hall of Presidents model to be nothing short of amusing.