Michael Savage: We Need A Third Political Party


Conservative gadfly Michael Savage, who presides over the “Savage Nation” on his syndicated radio show, says the US needs a new political party.

Savage, who forged a new syndication deal with Cumulus Media about a month after breaking with Talk Radio Network, is heard on WABC in New York City along with hundreds of other stations as well as across the internet.

Appearing on Aaron Klein’s WABC talk show earlier today, Savage — who holds a PhD in nutritional ethnomedicine — suggests that a “nationalistic” party is just what the “doctor” ordered:

“You have the rudiments of a new party in this country called a Tea Party. They need to restructure their party. They need a charismatic leader, which they don’t have. When you say Tea Party no one knows who the leader is because there is no leader. No man has stepped forward who can lead that party …”

“The Tea Party is the rudiment of the new nationalist party. Somebody has to bring them all together, unite them like King David did the ancient tribes of Israel. And there is no King David out there. Who’s the King David? Tell me who is going to do it in America?”

At age 70, Savage says he is too old for that role, according to BuzzFeed, but he would personally take on the challenge if he was 20 years younger.

Savage said at the outset of the interview that the Republican Party is not getting the job done, and that centrist and right-of-center voters would gravitate toward a new nationalistic party:

“There is no Republican party. It’s an appendage of the Democrat machine as we’ve all just seen. It’s two card Monte, as we all know. It’s a game being played against the American people. You’ve got the drunk Boehner on the one side, and the quasi-pseudo-crypto Marxist on the other, who is really just enjoying the ride in Hawaii right now, representing his factions.”

Savage is strong proponent of what he calls “borders, language, and culture” in terms of America’s sovereignty. With that in mind, Savage added the following:

“Borders, language, culture has been my motto in radio from the beginning … Nationalism is the only thing that can save America, and a new nationalist party that has a very strict firewall that does not permit the radical fringe of racism.”

What do you think of Michael Savage’s call for starting a new third party? Do you think that the Democrats and Republicans are playing two-card Monte (which is Savage’s play on words for “three-card Monte” or a shell game) against the American people?