Fans Defend Logan Paul For His YouTube Video From Japan’s ‘Suicide Forest,’ Even As Backlash Continues

Kimberley Spinney - Author

Jan. 2 2018, Updated 6:28 p.m. ET

YouTube star Logan Paul has been dealing with quite a bit of backlash after he posted a video from the famed “Suicide Forest” in Japan. The video sparked outrage on social media because the video featured a man who had apparently committed suicide in the forest. While Paul had said that the video was supposed to be a way to bring about some good and get people talking about suicide, for many people it is the content of the video that is causing problems.

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Since the video started trending and Logan Paul received so much backlash over the content, he has issued not one, but two apologies to his viewers and those he has offended. However, while he may have apologized for posting the video, many people are not convinced that he is actually sorry. The continued backlash has led to fans of Logan Paul defending him for posting the video, as well as for actually offering an apology, even though so many people have chosen not to believe him.

According to USA Today, while Paul is garnering a lot of criticism over his “Suicide Forest” video, the backlash has only served to inspire more devotion from his more than 15 million fans on YouTube. In fact, since the video backlash began, his fans who are known as the “Logang,” have taken to YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram in order to offer their defense of the YouTuber.

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On Twitter, one user said that they refused to take sides on the matter, but even though they do not feel people should be joking about suicide, there is no reason for Logan Paul to be “hated on.” They also said that “making him feel horrible about himself is equally not right.”

Another Twitter user said that everyone needs to “stop hating” on the YouTuber because he “made an honest mistake.” Some of Paul’s followers even said that they believe that with his video he was showing younger people what the “dangers of suicide” really are. Other fans of Logan Paul said that no matter what, they planned to continue supporting him, and they do not care what anyone has to say.

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While fans might be defending Logan Paul over the video he posted, the backlash continues to grow, especially as social media seems less than impressed with those who are coming to the defense of the YouTuber. In fact, some Twitter users are telling Paul’s fans that they may need to take a look in the mirror and really think about their own actions and words.

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