‘Homestead Rescue’ Star Marty Raney Gets In Heated Argument Over Drone, Police Get Involved

Lance King Getty Images

Marty Raney of Homestead Rescue just got into a pretty heated argument with someone over the fact that they were flying a drone close to his home. KTUU shared what is going on with Marty. He was also on the show Ultimate Survival Alaska.

Marty thought that he was being illegally filmed and he was very unhappy about it. This drone was flying over his property. Marty shared that it was as low as 60 feet and was following him around on his property even as he walked to his truck. Justin Pursely was the man flying this drone and he shared that he was just testing it with his father-in-law when this all went down. They tried to tell him that the drones were not on his property because of their elevation, but Raney wasn’t happy with this answer. Both of them ended up calling 911 before it was all over.

Raney finally fixed things with Pursely by telling him that he would pay for the drone. He gave him back the amount that he spent on it and even offered to hire him so that he could film with his drone for a reality show, but Pursley turned down the job offer.

Marty Raney explained everything that happened on a post on his Facebook page. He shared that the drone kept getting closer and closer to him when it was on his property. He explained that he asked the guys three times why they were filming on his property and that they denied it three times. They knew who he was right away, but he didn’t know them at all.

Marty admitted to grabbing the drone and breaking it, but it doesn’t sound like he meant to break it. He explained a few more details about what the trooper had to say while they were there.

“The trooper had three poignant things to say: 1. It is against the law to shoot a drone 2. He said he really didn’t know the laws about drone etiquette 3. A DA would hear all sides and make a determination. These are THE undeniable facts.”

Raney also just shared another post about how he is concerned over what happened. He explains that Justin Pursely posted on several sites that he had assaulted him, which is not true according to Raney. He says that when he met with Justin this morning to give him the money, they embraced and Justin even started crying. Before they met up, Justin had called a news station and also filed a restraining order against Raney. He also wants everyone to see the drone footage that was taken. Both men are trying to get out their side of the story.

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