Trump On Twitter: My Nuclear Button Is ‘Much Bigger And More Powerful’ Than Kim Jong Un’s Button And It Works

Evan VucciAP Images

President Donald Trump is busy comparing the size of his nuclear button to the size of North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un’s nuclear button. As seen in the below tweets from the verified Twitter account of Donald J. Trump, the president published a tweet on Tuesday, January 2, at 7:49 p.m., which bragged about his nuclear button after Kim unleashed a quip about North Korea’s nuclear button.

As reported by the Hill, Trump was responding to Kim’s most recent speech on New Year’s Day, which featured the North Korean leader speaking about possessing a nuclear button right on his desk that could allegedly send nuclear weapons to the mainland of the U.S. Kim also spoke about potentially sending folks to talk to South Korea at the Winter Olympics in hopes of lessening the tensions between the countries.

However, talks about de-escalating military tensions seem to have exploded into thin air with Trump’s most recent tweet, which appeared to infer that Kim’s nuclear button may not work, since Trump wrote that his nuclear button works and is “much bigger and more powerful” than Kim’s button. Trump also called Kim’s regime “depleted and food starved.” Reactions to Trump’s Twitter rant have featured folks fearing the worst as he appears to goad Kim into nuclear action.

On Instagram, however, the same verbiage by Trump, as seen below, has received differing responses. Some of Trump’s Instagram followers are urging him to push the nuclear button, or writing about how much they love Trump as president. Some commentators note that while Trump has a nuclear button at his disposal, it is a higher heavenly power who controls the nuclear button.

President Donald Trump trades nuclear bomb barbs on Twitter.
President Donald Trump trades nuclear bomb barbs on Twitter.Featured image credit: Chris KleponisGetty Images

Either way, the strange tweet has brought out a ton of responses from those who worry that a war of words could lead to an actual nuclear war.

Adding to the oddness of Trump’s latest Twitter storm was the follow-up tweet on the president’s account, published 16 minutes later. Instead of writing about nuclear buttons, Trump turned his attention to the media, with the president writing that he would be dishing out awards to the media on Monday, January 8, at 5 p.m.