YouTube’s Logan Paul Posts Video Featuring Body Of Real Suicide Victim

YouTube content creator Logan Paul is facing major backlash for publishing a video that features the body of a real-life suicide victim.

The video, which has since been removed from Paul’s YouTube channel, was recorded as Logan trekked through Japan’s Aokigahara forest, also known as the “Suicide Forest.” In the clip, Logan happens upon the body of a dead person hanging from a tree and expresses his shock for the gruesome finding. Moments before coming across the body, Paul is seen laughing and joking about various aspects of Japanese culture.

A report from We The Unicorns expresses that the identity of the suicide victim is currently unknown.

In response, several of Logan’s followers have taken to social media to speak their thoughts on the shocking video.

“Did Logan Paul just f***ing record a dead person who committed suicide in the suicide forest in Japan for a f***ing video?,” Twitter user ButeraDemetria shared. “The level of disrespect is beyond me.”

Another Twitter member commented how Logan apparently noted capturing the suicide victim as “a moment in YouTube history.”

“Logan Paul films himself screeching like a baboon in Japan’s ‘suicide forest’, then finds a dead body of a hung man, films it, and starts being ‘profound’ complete with dramatic music,” user AlizeeYeezy shared.

logan paul suicide video

Additionally, fellow YouTubers criticized Paul’s video post as being crass and unnecessary. Some of their tweets can be viewed below.

The Aokigahara forest has become notorious as a place where many people go to commit suicide, thanks to its desolate location. Writers for Mental Floss note that nearly 100 people commit suicide in the forest annually.

As for why it’s chosen as a spot for those looking to end their lives, the International Business Times makes note of a novel entitled Kuroi Jakai, which centers on a heartbroken lover who kills herself inside of the section of the forest known as the Sea of Trees.

“This romantic imagery has proved a seminal and sinister influence on Japanese culture,” Mental Floss notes.

“Also, looped into this lore: The Complete Suicide Manual, which dubs Aokigahara “the perfect place to die.” The book has been found among the abandoned possessions of various Suicide Forest visitors.”

Following the removal of the video, Paul posted a lengthy apology on his Twitter profile.