Fans Saying Beth Chapman Is Hotter Than Ever In New Full Body Photo Where She Asks For Some R&R

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Famed bounty hunter and reality star Beth Chapman has shared a new photo with her Twitter followers today, urging some fans to comment the mom is looking better than she ever has. The new full-body photo was swarmed with likes and comments as Beth declared she was in desperate need of a spa day.

As the Inquisitr reported last night, Beth was attending cancer rehabilitation Saturday and shared a photo from the facility looking a bit sad. This new image from Twitter appears to be from the same location, but Beth’s expression is more positive and a tad flirty as was lighthearted she joked about need some rest and relaxation.

The 50-year-old is donning a long fringe jacket, with a low cut peach-toned top, black pants, and nude heels. The bodacious blonde is also sporting a dark lip, a trend fans rarely see on the reality star. At the time of this publication, the tweet has been liked 777 times and has 25 retweets. The photo was commented on dozens of times with nothing but messages of love and support.

A common sentiment was that Beth was looking absolutely fabulous, with many fans wishing they could look as good as her. One Twitter user went above and beyond, and exclaimed, “Girl, ONLY YOU can look this HOT and EVEN BETTER AFTER CANCER!”

Beth was called everything from “beautiful” to “gorgeous,” as many fans joked they would love to join her on a spa day anytime. One user noted Beth looked like she had just come from a spa day because she looked so stunning. In addition to the dozens of comments complimenting her beauty, several fans wished Beth a happy and healthy new year as she stars off 2018 cancer-free.

Beth’s fans have really shown their loyalty to the reality star this year as she battled with Stage II throat cancer. Since the news broke of her diagnosis back in September, every social media post of Beth’s has been absolutely flooded with love and support from adoring fans. Finding a negative comment in any of her posts would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. In the beginning, there were thousands of comments urging her to fight through the disease and come out healthier than ever, and now fans are wishing her the happiest and healthiest 2018 after kicking cancer to the curb.