WWE Rumors: Finn Balor Creating Another Alter-Ego Like "The Demon"

Finn Balor's "Demon King" has become one of the most unique gimmicks in WWE today. In many ways, it has made him one of the company's biggest babyfaces. The WWE Universe had some serious problems with his booking over the past several months, but Balor is also undefeated as "The Demon." It's actually the reason that WWE officials don't want to ruin the gimmick's invincibility by having him lose bigger matches.

Between WWE officials trying to protect the gimmick and the WWE Universe becoming frustrated with his booking, Finn Balor finds himself in a position where he just needs to wait for the right time to become the WWE Superstar everyone believes he can be. "The Demon" gimmick could be Finn Balor's golden ticket to the top of the wrestling industry, but it seems that Finn could have even bigger plans for another gimmick.

During the latest episode of Table for 3 on the WWE Network, Finn Balor joined Matt and Jeff Hardy for a meal and revealed that he would be interested in creating another alter-ego to go along with "The Demon" or to replace it down the line. The Hardy Boyz were perfect companions for Balor during the show because they created the "Broken Hardys" gimmick, which has elevated their careers after decades in the business.

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'Finn Balor could be the first WWE Superstar to have multiple personalities like Mick Foley.'

Mick Foley was infamous for having three gimmicks that were over with the WWE Universe during his run with the company. Some performers have tapped into creative gimmicks like Bray Wyatt over recent years, but Finn Balor could be one of the first WWE Superstars to have multiple gimmicks over like Mick Foley. It seems that WWE officials are extremely careful with "The Demon" gimmick, but there could be more opportunities for Finn Balor if he can create another persona that doesn't need to be booked so strongly.

During his appearance on Table for 3, Balor spoke a lot about "The Demon" being able to mask many of his insecurities and channel a different side of his personality. If Balor could create another persona to tap into another facet of his personality, it could protect "The Demon" gimmick and allow WWE officials to see him as more than just one character. At the moment, Finn Balor has something special with "The Demon King," but there is no telling what the future holds and what he could create over the rest of his wrestling career.