Florida Stripper Says Drunken Assault Was ‘Performance Art’ [Video]

Hallandale, FL – A stripper who was recently arrested for assaulting two people claims the fight was nothing more than “performance art.”

Witnesses allegedly spotted 25-year-old Arlene Mena while she appeared to be “directing traffic” while clearly intoxicated. According to Gawker, some folks claimed the stripper eventually gave up and threw a traffic cone at a car.

Unfortunately for all involved, the cone connected with a passing vehicle. Authorities said the car’s side mirror was broken as a result, which will require around $300 worth of repairs to fix. Understandably angry, Dieter Heinrich got out of his car to confront the woman while his kids sat in the back seat.

The Sun-Sentinel explains that Mena reportedly spat in Heinrich’s face when he approached the woman about the traffic cone incident. It was around this time that Noel von Kauffman jumped into the fray. After a brief struggle, both men were able to get the intoxicated woman away from traffic and onto the ground.

Mena then told Heinrich and von Kauffman that everything was being captured by a camera crew for a television show. At one point during their conversation, the stripper said she was a federal agent.

Needless to say, no one was buying her story. Broward Judge John “Jay” Hurley was particularly unimpressed with account of the evening’s events. Mena is now facing charges of battery and criminal mischief. She was released on $1,000 bond.

Although the Florida stripper insists she was just a performance artist doing her thing, the judge didn’t seem overly amused with her excuse.

Judge Hurley explained to Mena:

“I suggest not wearing boots and doing artwork in the middle of a roadway. I would start right there and everything will start looking up for you.”

What do you think about the stripper’s arrest? Do you think she was really doing “performance art” at the time the incident took place?

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