Vizio Debuts Its First Windows 8 Tablet, Offers 1080p Display

Vizio Windows 8 Tablet

Vizio entered the PC market in 2012 and in 2013 the company has decided to test its luck with tablets. The tech company on Sunday announced the release of its first ever Windows 8-based tablet, dubbed simply as the Vizio Tablet PC.

The 11-inch slate runs a full copy of Windows that is powered by a dual-core, 1GHz AMD Z60 chipset. The tablet marks the first time a Windows 8 tablet has been sold with an AMD processor.

The device also sports a 1080p display, which given its lower end specs still should not come as a surprise given the company’s primary focus on HDTV’s.

The Vizio Tablet PC also comes equipped with Microsoft Signature software, but leaves behind the type of bloatware that makes us want to throw our new PCs out the window.

Also include with the Vizio tablet is 2GB RAM and a solid-state disk that sports 64GB of useable space.

In terms of connectivity the device officers a micro-HDMI and micro-USB ports.

Photo takers can also snap shots with the included camera, keep in mind its a lower end 2MP offering.

Pricing and exact availability for the Vizio Tablet PC have not yet been revealed, however given the company’s jump on AMD processing and its typically quick manufacturing times we don’t see this tablet taking very long to enter the open market.

The tablet market could get really interesting in 2013. Would you be willing to pick up a full Windows 8 tablet PC from a company that is just now entering the computer market?