Microsoft Surface Coming To Retailers Soon, Possibly Before Christmas

With recent news that the Microsoft Surface will sell less than one million units by the end of 2012, rumors are surfacing that the company will move its flagship tablet product into various retail stores.

Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrot on Friday revealed that the tech giant is planning to get the Surface RT tablet into stores before the end of the year in the hopes of developing a solid sales channel among Christmas shoppers. Thurrot believes that some retail locations could receive Microsoft Surface devices in the next few days.

Microsoft initially hoped to bring the Surface line of devices to retail stores in early 2013 but instead is hoping to “ramp up” production for unknown reasons.

Thurrot claims in his post that the Surface is selling very well given its small distribution channel, although the “internet” is hardly a “small distribution channel.” Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently called Surface RT sales “modest,” while Microsoft officials followed that statement by claiming that response to the device “fantastic.”

Microsoft will begin selling the Windows Surface Pro in early 2013. That particular device runs a full copy of Windows 8 with support for legacy Windows apps.

On the one hand, a massive increase in retailer support could signal desperation on Microsoft’s part, or it could be a good sign that the company is witnessing an increase in interest for its new product.

With Google, Amazon, Samsung, and other manufacturers cannibalizing PC, Notebook, and Netbook sales, Microsoft desperately needs a big win in the tablet sector. The big question now will be whether Microsoft supported retailers will be the solution the tech giant is seeking.