‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 123 Sported Universe 7’s Massive Outcry

This week’s Dragon Ball Super embarks the epic battle between the two most potent Universe in the Tournament of Power, Universe 7 and Universe 11. With theories and predictions starting to circulate, this week’s spoilers made things more apparent to every DBS fan. Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 spilled the probable series of events in the coming Dragon Ball Super episodes.

Yesterday, the provisional titles and short synopsis staged the expectations for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super episodes. This week, questions such as “What Android 17 is up to?” or “Who triggered Toppo to go full blast?” might have deliberately answered in this week’s Dragon Ball Super spoilers. So, without further ado, here is Dragon Ball Super Episode 123’s official synopsis and preview.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 entitled “Full Body, Spirit and Power Unleashed! Goku and Vegeta!!” reveals the aftermath of Vegeta’s battle against Jiren. As the spoilers suggest, Vegeta took severe damage in facing Universe 11’s fierce warrior.

“He loses without putting a decent fight,” the synopsis details. Jiren’s out of this world power made Vegeta incapable. Thus, Goku challenges Jiren in a one-on-one battle.

Putting everything on the line, Goku charges to his full power. He transformed into the full might of Super Saiyan Blue. Apparently, there’s no Ultra Instinct transformation here yet, though, there’s a slight chance it might happen soon. Logically, is there more in the Super Saiyan Blue form we haven’t seen yet?

Well, it’s not too outlandish to think the phrase “full power” could either mean two things; one is the possibility of another phase of the Super Saiyan Blue form or the Ultra Instinct form.

On the other hand, Gohan got his back on the wall, undergoing a dilemma whether to attack or not. “Can he attack Android 17 along with the enemy?,” Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 spoilers suggest.

It appears Android 17 caused this dilemma to Gohan. How? Well, Android 17 faces Toppo, the Universe 11’s Pride Trooper Leader. Earlier, we reported that Dragon Ball Super puts Android 17 into spectator mode. Apparently, we were wrong.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 previewed Android 17 paralyzing Toppo, nearly winning the battle. In conjunction with Gohan’s dilemma, Android 17 asked Gohan to attack the both of them, a Kamikaze if you may say.

However, Gohan chooses not to attack. Instead, he loses the chance of getting Toppo knocked out. Now, this scenario staged Toppo’s anger, triggering his overwhelming power as stated in Dragon Ball Super Episode 125. It is safe to say that Android 17’s stint of having him eliminated might have caused the recently proclaimed God of Destruction to go all out.

To summarise, Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 prequels the events in the coming episodes. Goku facing Jiren leading to the tag team of the two Saiyans, Toppo going all out after his “near-elimination” scenario, and Gohan acting as the second man for Frieza and Android 17. All of which is expected to unveil in Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 due on January 14.

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