The New ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers Put Android 17 Into Spectator Mode

After his astonishing stint against Universe 3’s quadruple merged warrior, Anariza, Android 17 appears to have taken the back seat in the coming Dragon Ball Super episodes. This week’s spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 to 125 detailed the teamwork of Vegeta and Goku, and Freeza and Gohan. The big question is, where is Android 17?

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 121, the perfect combination of Universe 7’s warriors became the secret ingredient in defeating Universe 3’s trump card, Anariza. It was one of Dragon Ball Super’s best, outlining a whole new perspective in battling in which Team 7 handled the enemy as a whole rather than the apparent two-man tag team of Vegeta and Goku.

The recent episode highlighted individual standouts, and Android 17 is one of the critical factors in that win. As a spectator, you’ll wish Dragon Ball Super continues tapping on that note, rather than keeping an obvious choice.

So, going back to this week’s provisional titles and official synopsis, Android 17 appears to be in spectator mode. Vegeta and Goku face Jiren, and Freeza and Gohan take on Dyspo. That leaves Android 17 with nothing significant in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super episodes.

The hype over Android 17 increases after the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super Episode 121. His “android sense” made the victory apparent to Universe 7. Further, the spectacular action witnessed by fans from him was too good not to get involved in the battle against Universe 11. So, one does expect more engagement and participation from this Android.

Obviously, Goku and Vegeta are tasked to take on Jiren, since the two warriors are the most powerful warriors from both universes. Freeza appears to have been shaken by Dyspo. Thus, Gohan steps on the gas pedal and charges for Freeza’s sake.

What’s left is Toppo and Android 17. Will Android 17 face the recently confirmed God of Destruction, or will Dragon Ball Super have him as the “shocker of the week” by getting him eliminated in the Tournament of Power? Well, no one can tell at the moment. It’s a little bit odd for Dragon Ball Super not to sport Android 17’s participation knowing that we are down to two universes remaining.

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